Offering a fitness room, an added value for your hotel

Proposer une salle de fitness, une plus-value pour son hôtel

Everything you need to know about sport in the hospitality industry!

Today, the trends of the last few years are changing and after a big “greenwashing” phase (giving an ecological dimension to one’s company), we are now witnessing the phenomemon of “wellwhashing”. The latter advocates a greater awareness of physical and mental health, promotes the quest for the “real thing” and the improvement of the quality of life for customers and employees.

In a comprehensive article by AZEOO, discover the many positive points and the real added value that a fitness room can bring to your hotel.

A whole new approach to hospitality

With a view to highlighting fitness-related elements within a hotel, the guest room becomes a space for well-being and optimal recovery. On the food side, the catering aims to offer new flavours and associations, with a focus on the health aspect, with foods rich in protein and fibre. The wellness areas are also undergoing changes in order to make them real tools for improving physical and mental well-being.

Today, the need for travellers to be physically active, whether on holiday or on business, is increasing. As a result, hotels need to adapt to this growing demand by offering fitness solutions within their establishment. In addition to being a real added value, it also allows the clientele to remain loyal to the hotel by taking advantage of an appropriate and studied environment in order to offer a specific atmosphere.

Changing some expectations

The needs and expectations of the population continue to develop and for some time now, hotels have been attracting less and less attention to their restaurant section. The cause? This new trend of wanting to discover the surrounding area and eat there directly rather than enjoying the hotel meal. As a result, it is necessary to look for another way to attract customers besides the accommodation aspect.

In response to this, the establishment of a gym can be a game changer. Given that fitness is the most widely used sporting practice around the globe, it represents an evolving market where demand does not yet exceed supply. Aware of this challenge, AZEOO has chosen to offer a solution adapted to the hotel sector with a sport and well-being offer for your hotel with a personalised coaching software

Customer acquisition and retention

By taking advantage of this popularity, the hotel can use fitness as an effective means of engaging with guests. If guests are satisfied with your facilities, you will benefit from real customer retention as well as real added value in terms of profits. By offering a special experience with a special environment, you are guaranteed to get enough bookings to never have to worry! 

Many options to choose from

Although some people have a very specific image of fitness (step, weight training, etc.), there are many possibilities and alternatives depending on the space you have, your budget and your organisational means. Virtual classes, crossfit facilities, weight room, spa, Pilates… A wide range of options are available to you for customer loyalty and management.

Therefore, by carefully selecting the activities and facilities, you will be able to appeal to the youngest to the oldest. What’s more, combining the spa (if you have one) with the fitness centre enhances the experience and the value of this complementarity.

The possibility of in-room equipment

Still in this aspect of fitness in hotels, the possibility for clients to book rooms in which they have sports equipment can be a real plus. Whether it’s a spinning or elliptical bike, elastic bands or a yoga mat with virtual sessions on television, this service will win over amateurs and professionals alike!

Today, the growing demand within this sector is not to be ignored and you can get more out of it if you invest in this option.

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