Create the best sports and wellness coaching application

Enhance your brand image with a unique, personalized application: your logo, your colors, your interface, your identity.

Developing your brand image

Discover all the advantages of having your own application

Icon develop your brand

Develop your brand

A dedicated application increases your brand's visibility and provides a point of reference for your customers.

Icon coaching from A to Z

Coaching from A to Z

Take advantage of all-in-one, customized software with all the functions you need to run your business: coaching, nutrition, booking, etc.

Save time icon

Save time

Our application optimizes your operations and productivity, freeing up valuable time for more strategic activities.

Save money icon

Save money

Minimize your operational costs with our all-in-one solution, with no additional development or maintenance costs.

Turnkey application icon

Turnkey application

Receive a ready-to-use application, tailor-made for your business.

New features icon

New functions

Benefit from regular updates and new features to ensure an optimal user experience.

Developing your brand imageDeveloping your brand imageDeveloping your brand image

Develop your brand image

A personalized interface is a strong marketing asset that sets you apart from the competition. Integrate your corporate identity, your desired user experience and take the lead with your own all-in-one sports and nutrition application.

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Publish your personalized application icon

Expose your customers to your corporate logo directly on their mobile interface. Boost brand recognition with the application icon and reinforce your brand awareness.

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Create your application icon
Manage all your wellness activitiesEngaging customers and building loyalty

Your all-in-one wellness software

Control all your activities from your app : coaching, nutrition, reservations, management and planning. Build loyalty and mobilize your community around sport and well-being, and strengthen your customers' commitment to your company by creating your own coaching app.

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Take your business to the next level with your own white-label application

Would you like your own app on Apple Store and Google Play? AZEOO offers recognized white-label coaching and wellness app solutions specially designed for fitness and wellness professionals. Don't wait any longer and create your own app.

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Create your own customized application

Create the fitness and wellness app you've always dreamed of

Without AZEOO
from $50,000
App development by specialized agencies involves a major investment
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    Very high development costs
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    Maintenance costs not included
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    Cost of future developments not included
  • Check price icon
    Support availability not included

Depending on the complexity of your App, costs can go up to +$150,000

from $219/month
Your application based on an optimal model for the sports, wellness and nutrition industry
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    Cost control
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    Maintenance costs included
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    Cost of future developments included
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    Dedicated support included

You can control all your costs with complete peace of mind, supported by our dedicated team.


Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

How can a customized application benefit my business?

Whether you're a personal trainer, gym manager or owner of a CrossFit Box, a customized app for fitness professionals can reinforce your brand identity and help you stand out from the competition. By integrating your logo, colors and interface, you create a unique experience for your customers. This personalization:

  • Enhances your brand image: It provides visual consistency and strengthens recognition of your company.
  • Increases visibility and loyalty: With a branded application icon on their mobile, your customers are regularly exposed to your image, strengthening their attachment to your services.
  • Optimize customer engagement: An interface tailored to your audience and the services you offer promotes interaction and engagement with your customers.
  • Centralize your services: By having all your offers (coaching, nutrition, reservations, etc.) in one place, you facilitate the user experience and encourage increased use of your application.

How do I get my application online?

Our turnkey service makes it easy to put your application online:

  • Customized design: We create an application according to your specifications, integrating your corporate identity and the functionalities essential to your business.
  • Publication on platforms: Once the application has been designed, we take care of publishing it on major platforms such as the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • continuous updates: Benefit from regular updates and the addition of new features to ensure an optimal user experience.
  • Support and maintenance: With AZEOO, you're assured of an application with no hidden development or maintenance costs. Our team provides ongoing monitoring and assistance to guarantee your application's performance.
  • White-label option: For those who want to go one step further, AZEOO offers white-label solutions, enabling you to have a fully dedicated and recognized application for your brand, specially designed for fitness and wellness professionals.

I'm a personal trainer, what are the advantages of having my own personalized application?

For a personal trainer, having your own personalized application offers multiple advantages that can considerably boost your business and strengthen your relationship with your customers:

  • Enhanced professional image: A dedicated application highlights your expertise as a personal trainer, giving your brand a professional dimension and creating a strong impression with your customers.
  • Centralized services: Consolidate all your services (training programs, nutritional advice, bookings, etc.) in one place. This not only makes it easier to manage your sports coaching business, but also improves the user experience for your customers.
  • Increased customer engagement: Thanks to push notifications and interactive features, you can maintain a constant link with your customers, motivating them to follow your programs on a regular basis.
  • Advanced tracking tools: With an application dedicated to sports coaching, you can integrate tools for tracking your clients' progress, training calendars, and even forums or discussion areas to create a real community.
  • Additional monetization: In addition to your usual coaching services, you can offer premium content, VOD courses, live coaching sessions and other exclusive offers directly via your app.
  • Increased visibility: Having your own sports coach app icon on your customers' phones increases brand recognition and ensures you a prominent place in their daily sports routine.
  • Updates and evolution: With your own application, you have the flexibility to add new features, adjust your offers or respond quickly to trends and demands in the sports coaching market.