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Boost your productivity with a centralized software application for all your fitness and wellness services. Plan, coach, monetize, engage and retain from a single application. Thanks to an ergonomic interface, you can devote your time to your customers and their personalized care.

Software to boost productivity
Simplify the management of your businessCentralization of essential services

Simplify your business management

Organize your courses and appointments and enable your customers to sign up easily via their application. Manage all your group and individual coaching sessions directly from your back-office. Secure your payments with AZEOO's Stripe integration.

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Create sports and nutrition programs in just a few clicks

Forget about Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, etc., and take advantage of our simplified modules to design tailor-made sports programs and nutritional plans. With +1200 video exercises, as well as a database of +8000 foods and +1500 recipes, our tool is the key to guaranteeing high-end, customizable wellness follow-up.

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Simplified creation of sports and nutrition programsFitness exercises and healty recipes

Centralize your services and boost your productivity

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In several hours

In several hours, try to find a balance with different tools

In just a few minutes
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    Course planning and appointments
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    Sports coaching
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    Nutritional support
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    Monetization (Stripe)
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    Social network
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    Notification pushs

In just a few minutes, activate your customized customer support service

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