Optimize patient care with software dedicated to kinesiologists

Offer sessions, track your patients' therapeutic progress, guide them towards quality nutrition and interact with them directly from the app. Increase patient engagement with a simplified user experience.

boxing club management softwareboxing club management software
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Simplify booking and appointments for your customers.

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Optimize your support and follow-up with complementary fitness and well-being modules: sport and nutrition.

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Boost your revenues by selling additional services and content to your customers from your application.

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Mobilize your community around your expertise using our customer engagement and loyalty tools.

boxing club management softwareboxing club management software

Simplify your consultation planning

Organize your schedule with an online booking system, so your patients can book directly from their app, offering a smoother, more convenient experience. Reduce missed appointments with automated reminder notifications.

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Create customized rehabilitation programs in just a few clicks

With a library of +1,200 video exercises, you can personalize your sessions to suit the needs of each patient, offering suitable alternatives without the need for special equipment. Program exercises to be practiced at home with VOD courses, providing continuity and flexibility of treatment accessible from home.

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boxing club management softwareboxing club management software
Monetize your content Increase your income with monetization

Promote your patients' recovery and well-being through nutrition

Encourage a healthy, balanced diet in your physiotherapy practice. Benefit from predefined food plan templates and simply adapt them to your patients' needs. Strengthen your offering and help your patients achieve optimal health with a comprehensive approach that combines physical and nutritional therapy.

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Engage your patients through marketing and communication

Stay in touch using push notifications, direct messaging and integrated social networking. Encourage interaction and strengthen engagement with tools that facilitate communication and follow-up. Make your app a space where patients feel supported, informed and listened to.

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Staying connected with your athletesCommunity engagement and loyalty
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Create a customized application for your physiotherapy practice

Stand out from the crowd with a simplified, centralized user experience. Customize the logo, graphics and interface to create a space that's uniquely yours, making it easy to access your services. Design a unique application that reflects your practice's identity and values.

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

How can management software help me develop my physiotherapy practice?

Dedicated management software for physiotherapy practices centralizes all your care and wellness services: managing appointments, tracking personalized treatment plans, and coordinating rehabilitation programs. It also offers functionalities for billing and monetizing your services, as well as targeted marketing tools to promote your practice. AZEOO is your all-in-one partner for growing your business, engaging your patients and optimizing their care path, while strengthening their loyalty through efficient, personalized management.

I've just started my business. Do I need software for my physiotherapy practice?

Our software is ideally suited to all types of physiotherapy practice, whether you're a large clinic, a group or an independent practitioner. Use it to organize appointments, track treatment progress, and provide personalized care plans. By adopting this software right from the start of your business, you'll ensure efficient, structured management that's ready to adapt as your practice evolves, while maintaining a high quality of care, even in times of growth.

How much does management software cost for a physiotherapy practice?

At AZEOO, we recognize the unique needs of a physical therapy practice and offer a variety of options tailored to your situation, including annual or monthly payment plans for maximum flexibility. For a complete overview of our rates and to find the offer that best suits your practice's needs, we invite you to visit our rates page designed specifically for physiotherapy practices. Beyond the practical aspect, AZEOO is committed to supporting you in the development of your practice, offering you an essential tool for efficient management and sustainable growth of your business.

What does AZEOO offer compared to other software?

AZEOO is a complete all-in-one software solution: reservations, sports and nutrition coaching, service monetization, customer engagement and loyalty tools. Find out why AZEOO is the best solution for you.