Optimize your time with booking software and scheduling software

Schedule your courses and appointments and reduce your administrative workload. Offer your customers a simplified experience with features such as online registration, automated waiting lists and reminders via push notifications.

 Schedule courses and appointments


Let your customers sign up for your coaching sessions at any time via the app.

Automated waiting list

Optimize your fill rates for courses and appointments.

Appointment reminder

Limit absences with automatic notifications.

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Boost your revenues by monetizing access to your courses and appointments.

Schedule courses and appointmentsOnline registration

Customize your lesson and appointment schedule

Configure your calendar by defining your slots for sports classes and wellness appointments. Maximize your fill rates by allowing your customers to sign up 24/7 via the app.

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Engage your members with Lives

Set up live course sessions and let your customers register for them from their app. Enhance your support by adding proximity between you and your customers thanks to the Live system and the interactions it enables.

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schedule live performancesengaging with lives
Book your coach onlineFinding the right coach

Give your customers the choice of their personal trainers

Showcase each coach's specialties and availability, making it easy for your customers to choose their ideal coach. When a reservation is made, the coach is alerted and can begin preparing for the session.

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Optimize your fill rates with waiting lists

If a course is fully booked, your customers can join a waiting list and are notified in real time of their position on this list. If a place becomes available, the member is automatically notified by cell phone.

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Optimize fill rateAutomated waiting lists
Limit customer absencesAutomatic reminder notifications

Limit your absences from classes and appointments

Automate the sending of reminders to your customers thanks to the notification system integrated into the reservation software. Reduce no-shows and increase your fill rates by reminding your customers that they have a class or an appointment.

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Connect to your ERP

Benefit from additional services by connecting your ERP to your AZEOO account: synchronize your customer database, manage schedules, book courses and appointments directly from your application.

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ERP connection

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

What are the essential features of gym booking software?

The ideal booking software for gyms should make it possible to :

  • Plan courses and appointments while reducing administrative tasks.
  • Offer quick and easy online registration for customers.
  • Offer automated waiting lists for full courses.
  • Send automatic reminders via push notifications to limit absences.
  • Personalize schedules and enable customers to register 24/7.
  • Integrate a feature for choosing a personal trainer, highlighting their specialties and availability.
  • Integrate live course sessions for greater interaction and engagement.

How can I automate the booking of gym classes using software?

With our software, you can define your slots for sports classes and wellness appointments, enabling your customers to sign up autonomously, 24/7. In addition, if a class is full, customers can join a waiting list and will be notified as soon as a place becomes available.

How can I integrate booking software into my gym management?

It's easy to integrate our software into your existing system. You can connect your ERP to your AZEOO account to benefit from additional services, such as synchronizing your customer database, managing schedules and booking courses directly from the application.

What are the advantages of using booking software for gym members?

For members, using booking software offers a simplified and autonomous experience. They can easily choose and book classes at their convenience, sign up for live sessions, receive reminders to avoid forgetting a class, and even choose their favorite sports coach based on his or her specialties and availability.