Expand your business with customer loyalty software

Harness the power of push notifications, messaging and integrated social networking to engage and retain your community.


Unite your members around your brand by creating links with them.

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Put your customers first with the social network and its engaging features.


Develop close ties with your customers and build loyalty at the same time.

Boost Business

Sell your services to your customers and diversify your sources of income.

Create your own push notification campaigns

Use them to stay in touch with your customers and keep them up to date with the latest news. A push notification has an open rate 8 times higher (+80%) than email campaigns. Use them to effectively engage your community.

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Develop a special relationship with your customers

Use our software's direct messaging to communicate effectively with your customers. Discuss their follow-up and adjust it if necessary. Use this brand-customer proximity to build relationships and loyalty.

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Boost your community with a social network

Communicate directly with your customers via publications and interact with likes and comments. Motivate them with experience points, badges and rankings. More than a tool, it's an experience that strengthens ties with your community.

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Increase your income with advertising

Sell your customers additional services: sports and nutrition coaching, VOD courses or access to exclusive Lives/meetings. Offer your services directly on your app's interface and diversify your revenue streams.

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