Simplify the management of your martial arts studio with dedicated software

Plan your classes, manage your schedule, supervise your members, communicate effectively with them and promote your services. Offer a complete follow-up service, and encourage the commitment and loyalty of your members by creating a close-knit community around your values.

martial arts studio management softwaremartial arts studio management software
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Simplify booking and appointments for your customers.

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Optimize your coaching and follow-up with complementary modules: sport and nutrition.

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Boost your revenues by selling additional services and content to your customers from your application.

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Mobilize your community around your expertise using our customer engagement and loyalty tools.

Streamline your martial arts studio schedule

Organize your group sessions, allowing your students to register easily via the app. Maximize class attendance with automated waiting lists and reduce absenteeism with reminders and notifications.

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martial arts studio management software Automatic waiting lists
martial arts studio management softwaremartial arts studio management software

Offer sports coaching to complement martial arts

With a vast library of over 1,200 video fitness exercises, you can personalize your clients' training. Offer programs adapted to each individual, with or without equipment, to be practiced in the dojo, at home or outdoors. Integrate VOD courses into your training to make it more interactive and captivating.

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Offer nutritional support that complements martial arts

Create personalized food plans or use predefined templates that can be adjusted to suit your practitioners. With access to a certified database of +8000 foods and +1500 recipes, you'll be able to provide comprehensive nutritional support, essential in the wellness pathway of martial arts practitioners.

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boxing club management softwareboxing club management software
Monetize your content Increase your income with monetization

Diversify your revenue streams by leveraging your expertise

Increase your sales while providing comprehensive support to your practitioners with software designed to enrich the experience within your martial arts studio. Implement a monetization strategy that reflects the value of your teaching and your community, by offering content and services that reinforce the commitment and progress of each member.

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Engage and retain your students

Strengthen the bond with your users thanks to push notifications, integrated messaging and social networking. Stimulate their commitment and loyalty by creating a space for exchange and sharing, essential for cultivating cohesion within your studio.

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Staying connected with your athletesCommunity engagement and loyalty
Boxing Studio ApplicationBoxing Studio ApplicationBoxing Studio Application

Create a personalized application in your dojo's colors

Stand out from the crowd by offering your members a unique and intuitive user experience. Customize the logo, graphics and interface to create a sense of belonging and enhance the experience of each member. Make your application a distinctive tool that illustrates the quality and uniqueness of your martial arts studio.

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

How can martial arts studio management software help me develop my business?

Software specially designed for martial arts studios centralizes all your key operations: booking group classes, managing your schedule, developing personalized training and nutrition programs to complement your martial arts practice. It also offers sophisticated features for monetizing your offers and targeted marketing tools for effective promotion of your studio. AZEOO positions itself as an integral partner in extending your reach, engaging your practitioners and enhancing their loyalty, by providing a high-quality, tailor-made experience.

I've just started my business. Do I need software for my martial arts studio?

Our software is ideally suited to the needs of all types of martial arts studios, whether you run a karate, judo, kung fu, taekwondo or other martial arts school as a franchise, group or independent. Use it to plan your training sessions, support your students in their technical and physical development, monetize your services and cultivate a sense of belonging within your community. By adopting this software right from the start of your business, you'll have the tools you need for efficient, organized management, ready to support your studio's growth and meet the challenges of increasing your customer base.

How much does martial arts studio management software cost?

At AZEOO, we recognize the unique requirements of martial arts studios and offer a variety of pricing options designed to suit your specific needs, with the ability to choose between annual or monthly payments for greater flexibility. For a complete overview of our rates and to select the offer that best suits your needs, we encourage you to visit our dedicated martial arts studio rates page. More than just a functional solution, AZEOO is committed to being at your side in the development of your studio, providing you with an essential tool for the efficient management and growth of your business.

What does AZEOO offer compared to other software?

AZEOO is a complete all-in-one software solution: reservations, sports and nutrition coaching, service monetization, customer engagement and loyalty tools. Find out why AZEOO is the best solution for you.

I want to offer my customers a dietary follow-up but I don't have the skills. How can I go about it?

Opt for our YourDiet service to offer your customers high-quality nutritional follow-up. Take advantage of consultations by our nutrition experts to round out your offer and your income at the same time.

How are things going with my customers?

Your customers use our dedicated app to access all their content: workouts, nutrition plans, VOD courses, etc. They can view your schedule, book classes and appointments, and purchase monetized content.