Boost your business with a fitness coaching software 

Offer your community 360° coaching tailored to each individual: with or without equipment, indoors, outdoors or at home. Take advantage of a library of +1,200 video exercises to design tailor-made sessions. Optimize your coaching by offering sports courses on VOD or live sessions.

Simplified customer experience

+1200 exercises

Benefit from a library of +1200 fitness and well-being exercises to create your own training programs.

360° Coaching

Create sports sessions with or without equipment, indoors, outdoors or at home.

VOD & Live courses

Offer guided training sessions to be carried out independently or live.

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Sell different types of accompaniment and boost your income.

Simplify the creation of your training programs

Take advantage of our predefined training templates or design your own directly from your application. Organize and adapt exercises, sets, repetitions and rest times to suit your customers. Duplicate your programs for greater productivity.

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Broadcast your sports lessons on VOD and Live

Offer your customers real training sessions at home and outdoors. Put your videos online and let them access them directly from your application. Create Lives and host live classes to bring your community together.

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Benefit from +1200 fitness and wellness video exercises

Build your own training programs from +1,200 fitness exercises illustrated with videos. You can create your own exercises and propose alternatives to your customers: with or without equipment, indoors or outdoors, and individualize your coaching.

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Diversify your sessions with a range of sporting activities

Enrich your customers' training programs with a range of disciplines, whether indoor or outdoor, individual or group, choose from soccer, zumba, running and much more.

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

What are the essential features of sports coaching software?

Our sports coaching software offers all the essential features:

  • Training program creation: Customized program design, with the option of using predefined templates or creating tailor-made programs.
  • Exercise library: Access to a vast collection of exercises, illustrated by videos (like our database of +1200 video exercises).
  • VOD and live course delivery: The ability to offer on-demand sessions and live courses, boosting customer engagement.
  • Customization: Training programs can be diversified with a wide range of sports activities, offering options tailored to each customer.

What are the advantages of using coaching software for fitness professionals?

There are many advantages to using sports coaching software:

  • Flexibility: Offer sessions adapted to each client, whether at home, outdoors, with or without equipment.
  • Customer engagement: Videos and live sessions enhance customer interaction and engagement, creating a strong relationship.
  • Diversification: The ability to incorporate different sports activities allows us to meet a variety of customer needs and interests.

How can coaching software help me save time?

Sports coaching software is a powerful tool for increasing the productivity and efficiency of your department. Using predefined training templates, you can quickly adapt and personalize programs for each client. What's more, the ability to duplicate programs saves precious time. By offering VOD and live sessions, you can also reach a wider audience, while providing a superior service, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

How can fitness coaching software boost my income?

By integrating coaching software into your offering, you can create premium programs or subscriptions that generate recurring revenue. Live sessions, for example, can be offered as exclusive paid courses. What's more, optimizing customer engagement through software features can lead to higher retention rates, resulting in stable revenues and long-term growth. With satisfied customers, referrals and word-of-mouth can also increase, offering additional monetization opportunities.

I'm not a personal trainer, how can this feature help me?

Even if you're not a sports coach, sports coaching software offers many opportunities. Whether you're a gym manager, fitness studio owner or wellness influencer, having such a platform allows you to provide advice, routines and workouts to a community or potential customers. You can share your passion, offer complementary services or even create a new source of income thanks to live sessions and on-demand videos.