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With YourDiet, enrich your offer and boost your income with our team of qualified dietitians. We manage the entire process for you, from initial consultation to dietary planning, and provide ongoing support throughout.

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Certified experts

Benefit from the expertise of our nutritionists specialized in sports and well-being.


Activate YourDiet and let our experts take care of your customers' nutrition under your brand.

Optimum follow-up

Offer your customers the best possible support and ensure maximum satisfaction.

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Enrich your range of wellness services and diversify your revenue streams.

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Benefit from a turnkey solution

Leave the complexities of nutrition to us: our experts handle everything from consultation to the creation of meal plans. At the click of a button, your customers can access a detailed questionnaire, which is then studied by our teams and delivered in the form of a personalized program within 48 to 72 hours.

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By activating YourDiet, you have the option of selling dietary accompaniments with video consultation. Your customers' personalized nutrition plan is then directly accessible via the application in their nutrition diary.

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YourDiet, how it works



Set the price for this new service with our team.



From the application, your customer subscribes to YourDiet support and fills in a detailed questionnaire.



After analyzing the questionnaire, within 48 to 72 hours our dieticians will share a personalized diet plan with the customer.



Our nutrition experts will follow your customers and talk to them throughout their YourDiet journey.

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

What qualifications do AZEOO dietitians have?

Our dietitians have dual qualifications in nutrition and sport, making them experts in sports nutrition and well-being.

How does AZEOO ensure quality, personalized support for each customer?

We use a personalized approach for each of your customers, taking into account their specific needs (via a detailed questionnaire), dietary preferences, health goals, and other relevant factors to provide a perfectly tailored plan and follow-up.

How much does it cost to activate YourDiet?

The YourDiet service is only included in the Customized offer. A commission is automatically taken by AZEOO on each purchase by your customers of a YourDiet consultation from the application.