Guide your customers towards healthy eating and balanced diet

Make the most of our nutrition software to design tailor-made meal plans. Ensure optimal follow-up of your customers with a certified food base and a calorie and macronutrient tracking tool.

+8000 foods

Benefit from a certified, complete macronutrient base.

+1500 recipes

Use our healthy recipes for your customers and their dietary programs.

Calorie tracking

Use our tool to adapt your customers' calories and macronutrients.

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Monetize your meal plans and offer comprehensive coaching to your customers.

Create personalized meal plans in just a few clicks

Take advantage of our predefined templates to efficiently design your diet plans with powerful nutrition software. You can also create your own plans in just a few clicks from the back office.

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Food plan and healty recipes

Benefit from a certified food base of +8000 foods

Take advantage of +8000 foods from CIQUAL and USDA-certified food bases. Create your own foods if needed and optimize your nutritional coaching with your nutrition software.

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Treat your customers with +1500 healthy recipes

Share your best wellness recipes with your customers and make the most of those available. Guide them towards a diet where pleasure rhymes with well-being and good health.

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Creating a balanced diet

Optimize your support with a tracking tool

Analyze anthropometric data, intakes, energy expenditure and macronutrients to offer your customers personalized follow-up according to their needs. Use this essential data to highlight your expertise and suggest solutions in line with their objectives.

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

What are the advantages of using nutrition coaching software for wellness professionals?

Using nutrition coaching software offers many advantages:

  • Productivity gains: Quickly create personalized meal plans for your customers.
  • Reliable data: Benefit from a certified database, guaranteeing accurate recommendations.
  • Customer engagement: Offer healthy recipes and personalized follow-up, strengthening your customers' loyalty.
  • Valuing expertise: analysis tools enable you to demonstrate your expertise in nutrition and adjust recommendations to real needs.

How can nutrition software help me boost my coaching business?

By leveraging specialized nutrition software, you can offer added value to your services. You'll be able to provide detailed diet plans tailored to individual needs, analyze progress using advanced tracking tools, and give advice based on hard data. All this strengthens your credibility, encourages customer loyalty and attracts new clients seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

I'm not a personal trainer, how can this feature help me?

Even if you're not a personal trainer, nutrition software is a valuable resource for anyone working in the wellness or health field. Whether you're a dietician, gym manager or fitness studio owner, having access to a certified food database, tracking tools and healthy recipes enables you to offer a complete, high-quality service to your customers.