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Plan your sessions, provide A to Z follow-up for your students, interact with them and add value to your know-how. Offer a complete wellness program to your community today, and strengthen their commitment and loyalty.

Yoga studio management softwareSoftware for yoga studios
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Simplify booking and appointments for your customers.

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Optimize your coaching and follow-up with complementary fitness and well-being modules: sport and nutrition.

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Boost your revenues by selling additional services and content to your customers from your application.

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Mobilize your community around your expertise using our customer engagement and loyalty tools.

Planning yoga classesAutomated waiting list

Organize your group lesson schedule

Set up a schedule for your group sessions and let your students register easily via the app. Ensure high participation rates with automatic waiting lists and reduce absences with integrated reminders.

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Guide your students in their yoga practice

Accompany your students even outside your studio with a library of +1,200 videos of wellness exercises (yoga, fitness, mobility). Adapt sessions to suit your students: at home or outdoors. Reinforce your teaching even at a distance with VOD and Live sessions.

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Yoga exercisesPosture and mobility exercises
Creating a balanced dietHealthy, balanced nutrition

Guide your students towards conscious nutrition

Take advantage of predefined food plan templates and simply adapt them to your students' needs. Take advantage of a base of +8000 certified foods and +1500 recipes to guarantee nutritional support in harmony with their practice.

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Add value to your services and boost your profits

Expand your offer by showcasing your content: yoga programs, nutritional plans, access to VOD sessions, live sessions or individual sessions. Offer a complete range of services to support your students in all aspects of their well-being.

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Monetizing wellness servicesIncreased revenues
Staying in touch with your communityInternal and personal chat

Stay in touch with your community

Stimulate your community's interaction with push notifications, individual messaging and the integrated social platform. Create strong bonds with your students and reinforce their attachment to your yoga studio.

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Create your own customized application and stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd with a fluid, all-in-one user experience. Create an application that reflects who you are: customize the logo, colors and interface to reflect the soul and identity of your studio.

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Yoga studio applicationYoga studio application Yoga studio application

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

How can yoga studio management software help me grow my business?

Software designed for yoga studios centralizes all your wellness services: group class reservations, appointment scheduling, as well as modules for creating wellness programs and meal plans. What's more, it includes functionalities for monetizing your services, as well as powerful marketing tools. AZEOO is your key all-in-one tool for developing your business, engaging your community and boosting their loyalty.

I've just started my business. Do I need software for my yoga studio?

Our yoga studio software is suitable for all types of studio. Use it to manage your group class schedule, provide nutritional and wellness support to your members, monetize your services and engage your community. By anticipating the growth of your business with the software, you'll ensure that you stay organized and efficient, even in the face of increasing workloads.

How much does yoga studio software cost?

At AZEOO we offer various service packages with annual or monthly payment options. For a detailed view of our priceswe invite you to visit our dedicated page. Beyond the functional aspect, AZEOO is committed to supporting you in the evolution of your business.

What does AZEOO offer compared to other software?

AZEOO is a complete all-in-one software solution: reservations, sports and nutrition coaching, service monetization, customer engagement and loyalty tools. Find out why AZEOO is the best solution for you.

I want to offer my customers a dietary follow-up but I don't have the skills. How can I go about it?

Opt for our YourDiet service to offer your customers high-quality nutritional follow-up. Take advantage of consultations by our nutrition experts to round out your offer and your income at the same time.

How are things going with my customers?

Your customers use our dedicated app to access all their content: workouts, nutrition plans, VOD courses, etc. They can view your schedule, book classes and appointments, and purchase monetized content.