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Let us show you the 7 reasons why AZEOO is the software you need to take your business to the next level.

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Ease of use

As soon as you subscribe, you're up and running in just a few clicks. Thanks to a fluid, ergonomic interface, you can master our software in just a few hours. Everything has been perfectly thought out: an optimized back-office for you and an ergonomic application for your customers, bringing together all their sport, nutrition and reservation services.

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Workout list back office
Developing your brand imageDeveloping your brand imageDeveloping your brand image


With a fully customized application thanks to our Customized offer: integrate your logo, your graphic charter and create a unique user interface. More than a simple personalization, it's an extension of your brand.

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The most affordable offer for your growth

In these volatile times, every penny counts, which is why we offer you the most competitive rates on the market. Take advantage of a free 14-day trial and discover why we're the right partner for you. Our mission is to help you optimize your business growth while minimizing your costs.

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Workout list back office

Monetization to boost your revenues

Sports and nutrition programs, video courses, access to Lives or individual appointments - sell all your services directly via our platform and automate transactions with an integrated payment system.

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Human, responsive support

Whether you need help setting up, transitioning from another platform or simply have a question, we make sure there's always an expert you can talk to.

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Customer support

A unique digital experience

Our software combines design and ease of use for a high-end digital user experience. This combination, designed to enhance your brand, reinforces the image of quality and professionalism you wish to convey to your customers.

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Optimizing your time

By centralizing all your wellness services in a single application, you can boost your productivity and offer your customers a simple solution where they can find all their wellness treatments.

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optimizing your time

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