Boost your productivity with nutrition software for dieticians and nutritionists

Create meal plans, track your patients' meals, monitor their progress and guide them towards a healthy, balanced diet. Take your expertise to the next level by combining it with specialized software.

 nutrition softwareSoftware for dieticians and nutritionists
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Simplify booking and appointment scheduling for you and your customers.

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Optimize your follow-up with nutrition modules designed specifically for nutritionists.

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Simplify your customers' experience with software that centralizes their wellness services.

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Mobilize your customers around your expertise based on our customer engagement and loyalty tools.

Manage your diary and optimize your nutritional monitoring

Schedule time slots for your in-office or online consultations and let your patients sign up directly from the app. Make sure there are no missed appointments with automatic notification reminders.

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Nutritional consultation scheduleAutomated waiting lists
Certified food baseCertified food base

Benefit from a certified food base of +8000 foods

Take advantage of all the foods in the CIQUAL and USDA databases. Complete this list by creating your own foods and optimize your nutritional coaching with your nutrition software.

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Create personalized meal plans

With our food database and +1,500 recipes available, you can design personalized diet plans tailored to your patients' needs. Guarantee nutritional balance with our tracking tools and integrated follow-up data.

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Create personalized meal plansNutrition tips and habits
Tracking calories and macronutrientsMonitoring customer progress

Optimize your follow-up with a tracking tool

Analyze anthropometric data, macronutrients, energy intake and physical activity expenditure to provide your patients with optimal follow-up. Use this essential data to highlight your expertise and suggest support measures in line with their objectives.

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Simplify customer feedback and exchanges with questionnaires

Incorporate personalized questionnaires into your follow-ups, or send them spontaneously for real-time feedback. This invaluable information will enable you to tailor your support to individual needs, maximizing your customers' progress and increasing their satisfaction.

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Exchanging with customersPersonalized questionnaire
Exchanging with customersAdapting support based on feedback

Boost customer satisfaction

Use one-to-one messaging to communicate with them and quickly adjust their meal plans if necessary. Share your assessments and show your patients that their success is your priority, reinforcing their satisfaction.

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Create your own customized application and become a brand in your own right

Stand out from the crowd and offer your patients a simplified user experience by centralizing all your nutritional expertise. Design a unique application and customize the logo, graphics and interface to highlight your DNA.

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Application for dieticians and nutritionistsApplication for dieticians and nutritionistsApplication for dieticians and nutritionists

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions :

How can nutritionist software help me develop my business?

Software for nutritionists centralizes all your nutrition services and tools: appointment scheduling, food plan creation, certified food base, recipes, macronutrient and calorie tracking. What's more, it includes functionalities enabling you to carry out remote consultations by videoconference. AZEOO is your key all-in-one tool for developing your business and delivering maximum patient satisfaction.

I've just started my business. Do I need software to run it?

Our nutritionist software is suitable for everyone, whether you're an established professional or just starting out. Use this tool to manage your appointment schedule, provide nutritional support to your customers and track their progress. By anticipating the growth of your business with the software, you'll ensure that you stay organized and efficient, even as the need for patient support increases.

How much does nutritionist software cost?

At AZEOO we offer various service packages with annual or monthly payment options. For a detailed view of our priceswe invite you to visit our dedicated page. Beyond the functional aspect, AZEOO is committed to supporting you in the evolution of your business.

What does AZEOO offer compared to other software?

AZEOO is a complete all-in-one software solution: reservations, sports and nutrition coaching, service monetization, customer engagement and loyalty tools. Find out why AZEOO is the best solution for you.

How are things going with my customers?

Your customers use our dedicated app to access all their content: workouts, nutrition plans, VOD courses, etc. They can view your schedule, book classes and appointments, and purchase monetized content.