All you need to know about wellness marketing

Since the pandemic, trends have changed and many people have turned to wellness practices. Let's discover them together.

Today, trends continue to evolve and since the Covid pandemic, people’s habits have been turned upside down. Indeed, consumers are now turning to practices that emphasise the well-being of the body, mind and diet. Find out more about sports coaching, online coaching and sports wellness with AZEOO.

Why have the last two years been so important for the wellness sector?

With the situation of sedentary life increasing during confinements but also with forced teleworking, the population has slowly started to become aware of the importance of keeping their bodies fit and healthy. However, fitness is not the only concern of the population. The desire for practices that link mental, physical and nutritional aspects eventually developed after the impact of confinement on social isolation.

Since then, offers have flourished in the months that followed and this fashion has persisted to the present day. In addition, business leaders have also made efforts and decided to improve mental and physical conditions at work with the implementation of interesting protocols and initiatives.

Naturally, during the confinement, face-to-face work was not an option and telework proved to be the preferred alternative. Today, this habit seems to remain with some people, although there are hybrid practices (part telework and part face-to-face).

With this new trend in the work sector, professionals have had no choice but to adapt to this demand and take advantage of the latest technological means to offer solutions to their clients. The AZEOO fitness coaching software was designed with this in mind, offering the necessary tools for coaching, both on the client and professional sides.

The key to wellness marketing

Today, as we know, gyms are initially intended for fitness. Nevertheless, the trend is gradually changing since some of them have chosen to turn towards more varied practices by integrating the notion of well-being.

In this way, it is now possible to participate in group meditation or mindfulness classes to improve your mental health. Of course, physical exercise is not forgotten.

Thus, we can only advise you to enter into this dynamic and to advocate physical well-being but also mental health by proposing activities adapted to the latter.

Fitness club: discover 7 ways to adopt wellness marketing!

  1. Remind your members that wellness is not just about the physical.
  2. Schedule regular wellness events for your community.
  3. Share expert advice on different areas of wellness.
  4. Inspire and support your community.
  5. Partner with brands and influencers to promote wellness.
  6. Put your customers first by listening to them.
  7. Get involved in your community.

With these many elements, stand by your community by offering comprehensive and quality support. 

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