Personalised mobile applications, a business that works

Les applications mobiles personnalisées, un business qui fonctionne

Are applications out of fashion?

The constant evolution of digital technology and the possibilities offered by new technologies led some to predict the gradual disappearance of mobile applications in the near future. So we can ask ourselves: are personalised sports applications outdated? And if not, let’s see why in this article by AZEOO.

The truth is in the numbers

The constant evolution of the number of coaching applications in the various stores speaks volumes. However, it is not enough to see that mobile apps are still popular. According to, 108.5 billion personalised apps were downloaded in 2020, 84.8 billion in 2019 and 75.7 billion in 2018. It is therefore easy to see the positive development of downloads in previous years.

Success comes from a subtle mix and we explain the right ingredients

The fact that coaching apps still work so well today is due to a certain osmosis between stores, brands and users. Investors who want to make wise investments, for example, go to the App Store or the Play Store very easily. Then come the developers who meet the needs of the users but also the wishes of the investors.

Fitness applications and all-in-one coaching software, such as AZEOO, are not left out and have a good share of the market. This gives them a lot of visibility, whether through personalised recommendations or category display.

A showcase for brands and companies

And in this whole ecosystem, it is the entrepreneurs who can make the most of it! Whether through the use of their own or third-party applications, they can use these means to facilitate access to their services by automating identification and by proposing personalised content directly at the time of opening the sports application or by taking up their actions where they left off, as with AZEOO.

This reflects a greater interest in applications than in websites, the latter not always being optimised for smartphones and sometimes requiring redundant identification.

The security aspect of coaching applications such as AZEOO is a major asset since they have been certified before being catalogued on specific stores. This is a guarantee for consumers, but also for brands and companies.

In conclusion

Today, the most used and downloaded sports applications are, without doubt, those that offer user experiences and not those that are simply copies of the company’s website. The former will therefore add additional services that are not readily available on the web. AZEOO is part of this approach, offering various tools to improve the user experience and also general accessibility.

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