The customer journey: a means to success

The customer journey: a means to success

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Do you know the customer journey? It is simply the path a potential customer takes before arriving at your company.

It’s not only about their success, but also about yours to some extent. In addition, it increases sales, customer satisfaction and retention rates. One can also imagine that a customer is a future ambassador of your brand or gym and should be taken care of.

Here are the important elements of the customer journey.


A clear vision of your company’s mission, goals, vision and values must be conveyed to the customer. This is necessary in their journey.

We only need to think of big brands to get an immediate image in our mind of that subsidiary, what it exudes, the target group. For sports brands in general, the common value is “innovation, inspiration and inclusion”, values that you yourself can strive to integrate into your business with customers.


Stakeholders are all the people with whom one might be able to work. This includes customers but also all employees. It is therefore important that everyone knows what your company stands for. With clear guidelines, everyone will know what they have to do.

Everything is linked to the mission, vision and values of your company, which will provide a common thread for future decisions. Thus, the team and the customers will be on the same wavelength in order to build a feeling of sharing and transmission in the company.

Employees can also become ambassadors and representatives of this ensemble, both to customers and to outsiders.


A highly visual roadmap can help clients identify the building blocks of their journey and future evolution. There are a number of online tools that can be used to list goals and milestones for customers.

The roadmap can then be used as a first teaser for potential customers and you can even define it in a personalized way. You can also imagine roadmaps that vary according to the subscriptions in order to find the one that best suits them.

This will allow you to visualize, for the person in front of you, the objectives that he/she will have to reach but also your seriousness, your values and your missions.

This roadmap can also be used to motivate the members since they have a goal to reach. This is very important in the field of sports and can guarantee continuity in the work, even at a distance.

Finally, communication regarding these last points seems essential. Think of contacting your members personally in order to be able to define readjustments or evaluate the situation and its evolution.nts ou évaluer la situation et son évolution.


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