Should you buy or rent sports equipment for your fitness business?

Faut-il acheter ou louer un équipement sportif pour votre entreprise de fitness

Rent or buy fitness equipment? We explain it all to you.

Nowadays, if you own a fitness club or a gym, you are probably aware that equipment can quickly become expensive. Indeed, the question arises: should you buy or rent certain equipment? In case of doubt, we explain everything in this article by AZEOO in order to guide you in your choices.

Your image and target group

What is the image you want to convey and who is the target audience? This means that the choices will be different and that some items will cost more if they are specific to a particular group. Also, don’t forget to consider the cost of maintenance.

It is often better to have your own equipment, but given the shifting fitness trends, it may be better to rent to keep your panel fresh as your target audiences change and as you want to brand your business.

Aware of this issue in the fitness world and the results it brings, AZEOO has developed a personalised coaching software to help sports trainers, gyms and clubs to promote their brand image!

Your finances

It is very important to take into account the ancillary costs as well as the fixed costs of the machines. It is also necessary to establish the financial balance sheet to see if the company can afford such a large purchase and if it will pay for itself within a certain period of time.

Although you do not own the item, leasing seems to be the easiest way for organisations that do not want to have to write off this new investment and avoid adding to their financial calculations lines related to the maintenance of a newly acquired machine.

The space available on your premises

Then ask yourself if your space allows you to install the machine you want to buy. If you are renting, you will have no problem giving up one or more stations to create a new space.

Of course, you should not overcrowd your room with the big standards (squat cages, treadmills, etc.), as this would tend to scare off your customers.

What if you rented equipment to third parties?

If you have machines that your customers don’t use much, why not rent them out to other venues or individuals? This would save space and make it easier to make the machines profitable. Of course, you may have to pay maintenance costs, but it is sometimes worth it.

All you have to do now is complete your thinking and choose the option that best suits your needs!

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