Push notifications to engage your customers

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Push notifications to engage your customers

Optimize your customer engagement with push notifications!

Push notifications are alerts that users receive on their smartphones. These notifications can contain a variety of information, as you may have seen on our AZEOO fitness software.

Although we're more likely to think of notifications linked to coaching applications, there are also those generated by websites, those that are geolocated, as well as those linked to messages and other settings on your cell phone . Find out all about push notifications in this article by AZEOO!

How do push notifications work?

Some of you may have wondered how this works. There are several technical steps involved in sending a message: sending the message , requesting the protocol, calling the service, broadcasting the message and receiving it on the smartphone.

What's in it for me?

We might then ask what the advantages are of proposing a strategy based on push notifications. Let's compare SMS and push notifications: SMS can sometimes be costly and end up in the user's message stream, while push notifications are displayed persistently, and you have to open the sports tracking application or the associated site to find out about them . From the point of view of convenience, the user can easily suppress notifications, whereas SMS messages are received systematically and obligatorily.

Greater impact and commitment

Notification engagement and open rates are far higher than those of email, for example. The latter are often drowned in the mass of advertising mail, and users rarely open them. Notifications, on the other hand, capture attention through vibration, display and sound, and compel the user to at least take notice, even if he or she casually brushes it aside.

Personalized experience

Did you know that you can define notifications according to a person's profile? This is made possible by an algorithm that cross-references the user's interests with the alerts they receive. By highlighting their preferences within the coaching applicationthe notifications received will be more precise and tailored to the user's preferences.

Now you're ready to fine-tune your push notification strategy! For further information, take a look at our article:"Push notification marketing: 9 examples of ideas".

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