8 tips for a successful sports coach on Instagram

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8 tips for a successful sports coach on Instagram

Instagram, the social network where coaches invest the most!

Today, the largest number of sports coaches are on Instagram, or at least they're the most successful there. If you'd like to make a name for yourself on this social network, follow these tips to get the most out of your investment in an article by AZEOO.

1. Choose your target audience

We talk about it regularly, but you need to select your niche (your target audience). To do this, combine three elements: what you like to do, what you're good at and what you could be profitable at.

By targeting a group on the Instagram social network, they'll feel more engaged with your posts and be more likely to follow you.

2. Setting up your Instagram account

There are 5 main steps to follow in order to optimize your Instagram account:

  • Choose your nickname carefully (include your first or last name and the word "coach", unless you're part of a company or brand, which you can include in your nickname).
  • Turn your account into a professional account.
  • Use your professional email address if possible.
  • Suggest several ways to reach you.
  • A suitable profile photo of you or your company logo.

3. Avoid long bios

Keep it short and concise, so that people can immediately identify your skills, qualifications and field of action if you include them. Don't forget to include your professional e-mail address and website, if you have one.

4. Choose the right type of post

As a sports coach, you can't really afford to publish everything that comes into your head. If we were to target a limited number of posts, we'd take :

  • Motivational quotes.
  • Computer graphics.
  • Training videos or images.
  • Training demonstrations.
  • Videos or images of your customers' training sessions.
  • Highlighting a customer's progress.

5. Determine publication frequency

Try to be active every day, it's a goodoption. Don't overload your followers' Instagram feeds either, at the risk of them unsubscribing. The minimum, in our opinion, is 2 days maximum between your different publications. If you're short of ideas, don't hesitate to consult our different AZEOO offers to meet your needs.

6. Produce qualitative publications

The content you publish must add value. This will create recurring interest for your subscribers.

7. Interact with your community

Show that you care about the people who follow you and comment on your publications.

8. Use stories

It's a major asset for Instagram, and some subscribers will look at it faster than the posts on the feed. So you need to take advantage of them to share your daily life, tease new publications or suggest questions/surveys.

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