How to promote your company?

Comment promouvoir votre entreprise

Thinking about a communication plan: a basis for all companies

If you want to get more visibility and impact a wider audience, you will undoubtedly seek to promote your business. Today, there are different ways to do this, which we detail in this article by AZEOO.

Create a website

Your presence on the Internet is, at present, a necessity in order to stand out effectively. Among the many methods, referencing via Google will allow you to appear in the search engine results and thus improve your visibility.

However, it is important to note that there are several types of sites. Some may simply be a showcase for your business, while others may offer listings, bookings or products.

Today, SEO work will remain a necessary aspect because you will not appear in search results if certain keywords are not catchy and optimised.

Implementing a natural referencing strategy

Natural referencing is, as we have just pointed out, a system that allows you to appear in the search engines. To do this, you must correctly optimise the content already existing on your site, such as fixed pages, category pages, but also the new content that you will publish later on. 

For example, Google, Yahoo and other search engines will more quickly take into consideration regular and fresh content on websites, but the algorithm will more easily spot content that is longer than 300 words. For this reason, a blog (like the one at AZEOO) added to your site is a good option as long as it is regularly populated with substantial articles.

If you don’t want to write articles yourself, you can always call on a specialised writer or a digital marketing agency.

Using social networks

There are many social networks and most of them carry a lot of information and advertising. However, not all of them serve the same purpose and it will be up to you to select one or more of them. There is no point in being present everywhere if the content is not relevant.

After that, you will need to structure and arrange your calendar to determine the frequency and type of publications you want to add. Think about the purpose and content in a systematic way while taking into account the visual aspect which is extremely important on social networks. Therefore, think about the visuals you want to use and, again, you can use an external person to optimise this.

Knowing the networks and how they work is important because they are different in many ways. On Instagram, for example, hashtags are very useful and contribute to the referencing algorithm. On Facebook, on the other hand, hashtags are useless and it is rather thanks to the interconnections, opinions and sharing that you will be able to make yourself known. Employing a community manager to handle the social networking aspect could relieve you of this burden if necessary.

Advertising online

Although a budget is necessary, advertising is a major asset. Google Ads is proof of this. However, other means exist and can be adapted to your budget and expectations. Think about it! 

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