The best CrossFit software for your box

Coaching, hiring and monetizing your services with the all-in-one software of your crossfit box, which allows you to offer complete sport programs, food plans and a personalized follow-up to your members!

The crossfit software for your box

The personalized software of your CrossFit box: your DNA!

With your customised crossfit box software, showcase your different services and expertise.

The personalized application of your CrossFit box to keep your customers engaged!

Easily create customizable CrossFit WODs

With an extensive library of 600 exercises, quickly create CrossFit WODs according to your crossfit equipment. Use templates directly and save time!

With your all-in-one crossfit box software, offer your athletes the opportunity to train both inside the box and outside and from home. This is possible thanks to the various session supports (circuit training, VOD courses, Live, etc) and to the crossfit challenges.

Digitalized crossfit programs

Support your customers with personalised food plans

In addition to real sports coaching, your clients need to be fully supported with a dietetic follow-up and a regular food evaluation.

With our automatic food plan generator based on hundreds of recipes, you can offer your members a unique and personalised nutritional support according to their objectives and eating habits.

By choose to offer or sell your nutrition programs directly through your crossfit software, continue to generate revenue!

Integrate the booking of sessions directly into your crossfit application

You already have a booking system? With our AZEOO solution, we integrate it directly into your crossfit box software, allowing your athletes to directly consult your complete sports schedule at your WODs and register in just 1 click from their mobile!

Facilitate in 1 click the reservation of your box training sessions
Boost engagement and loyalty of your athletes

Boost engagement and loyalty of your athletes

Build your own community of all your athletes with the integrated social network. Publish your posts and interact with your members.

Motivate them even more through gamification with experience points, badges and access to complete rankings.

Use push notifications and chat for optimal communication (special offers, event announcements, news, etc.)

Continue to generate additional turnover

By means of a secure payment system, offer and sell your services and products: VOD, programs, food plans, packs, accessories, etc, directly via your all-in-one crossfit box software.

Connect and synchronize your e-commerce site with your AZEOO solution, and boost your turnover!

From €500 to €10,000 of additional monthly income noticed with our customers thanks to this service.

Boost the sales of your crossfit box

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