8 ways to build lasting customer loyalty in your club

8 manières de fidéliser vos clients durablement dans votre club

Sports hall: build customer loyalty effectively!

Today, the biggest priority for your Crossfit or Fitness club is to keep your existing clientele, not to find new members. Indeed, if your clientele keeps changing, your revenues will suffer and it will be even more difficult for you to get new members later on. With AZEOO, we propose in this article several ways to achieve this effectively.

The different aspects of customer loyalty

To maintain a loyal customer base in your business, you need to develop an effective strategy. Remember that keeping your existing members will cost you less than hiring new customers. So it’s time to think about a loyalty programme.

As the name suggests, a retention program helps to keep members in your club through a number of strategies, including:

  • Sponsorship programmes.
  • Challenges and competitions.
  • Events.
  • Welcoming new members.
  • Calls for accountability.

However, before applying these different strategies, it is necessary to think carefully about why your members are leaving so that you can do something about it. These include:

  • A lack of time.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Membership too expensive.
  • A cheaper competing offer.
  • Lack of facilities.

In order to work on these different aspects, we propose 8 points dedicated to improving customer loyalty.

1. Keep a close eye on the numbers

It is imperative that you constantly monitor the figures of your loyalty campaign. This way you can adjust your customer strategy according to the results.

2. Have technological solutions

In a society where everything is digital, consider organising online sessions or broadcasting live from your gym. Your customers will be able to benefit from sports coaching, even from a distance. Moreover, the automation and digitisation of payments will also make life easier for you and your customers. To meet these needs, AZEOO now offers a personalised coaching application with different types of subscriptions.

3. Adapt to your customers' changing behaviour

If you feel that a customer is starting to lose interest in your club, give them the push they need to contact your services again. To keep your customers coming back, push notifications are also a great way to remind your members on a daily basis.

4. Take advantage of the effectiveness of social networks

Share your daily life and the behind-the-scenes of your gym on social networks to make your members feel closer to your club. Why not think about challenges? You can also find them on our all-in-one coaching software AZEOO.

5. Celebrate your members' sporting achievements

Highlight the milestones your members reach and share them with the rest of the community on social networks or on a display available in your club! This also helps to promote your company’s image. 

6. Keep your equipment clean

If your facilities are clean and in good condition, they will attract customers and make it easier to keep them in a club that respects hygiene.

7. Don't be too salesy

There is no need to bombard your members with promotions and advertisements, as you risk driving them away.

8. Adapt to your clientele

Indeed, it is up to you to adapt to the needs of your members and not to adapt to you! Think of personalised sports programmes, for example.

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