Work out your marketing strategy with these 4 tools

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Work out your marketing strategy with these 4 tools

Discover 4 tools for effective marketing strategy

When it comes to publishing marketing content on social media, blogs or by email, you may not be aware that a number of tools exist. These can help you improve your productivity and the quality of your content. We explain these 4 tools right now in an article by AZEOO with its all-in-one coaching software.

1. Loom

Loom is video recording software that's fun and attractive. It comes with a set of free tools, including one that lets you see your camera while recording. A Chrome extension is also available to simplify the task.

This software is suitable for the world of sport and fitness in situations such as recording sports sessions, coaching sessions and when you want to explain exercises or technical details to your customers. In a different style, you can also show your customers how to navigate your site, or how to get to different parts of it to get the most out of it.


Videos that play directly in news feeds have a much greater impact than simple images or Youtube links. Keep this in mind when posting on social networks. lets you use Youtube videos and Facebook video clips by uploading them to your wall or page. This tool also lets you add subtitles to your videos. But beware of copyright issues!

3. Licecap

Who doesn't love GIFs? They're a great visual way of drawing attention to an element on your page. Their creativity means you can adapt them to your own taste, and with Licecap, you can make GIFs yourself very simply, using images recorded on your screen (on a video, for example).

4. Online Video Cutter

Editing a video is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time to learn and make, which is not always easy to free up when you have a business to run. You could very well hire someone to do it, but you can also use Online Video Cutter.

This tool lets you slice up your videos to exploit the moments that are most important to you. These can then be posted on Instagram, Facebook, etc. The tool is simple and well-designed, which won't worry the novice in the field.

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