Push notification marketing: 9 examples of ideas

Push notification marketing: 9 examples of ideas

Push notification marketing: 9 examples of ideas

Push notifications: the ideal way to reach your customers!

Properly used, push notifications can reach users by compelling them to read and take notice. They can be used for a number of purposes: retention, finding new customers, building loyalty, etc. Find out everything you need to know about push notifications in an article by AZEOO!

What are push notifications?

As a reminder, push notifications are the little banners you receive on your phone. They are at the origin of sports coaching applications, which send them by automation, personalizing them (or not) according to the user.

They're a bit like SMS messages, but with greater capture power, which is no mean feat.

What are the benefits?

There are several advantages to using push notifications:

  • High notification open rate.
  • No costs generated.
  • Open and view rates can be measured in the sports tracking application most of the time.
  • More effective than an email, for example.

Discover 9 examples of message ideas by notification

  1. Announce a new team member: this could be a new coach or instructor, but also a yoga teacher, a web designer, etc. Share your company's evolution with your community!
  2. Challenges and challenge updates: challenges and challenges build member loyalty. With this type of notification, you enable them to participate, follow the performance of other athletes or find out where they stand personally. This increases the sense of belonging to a community.
  3. Message for new members: build loyalty directly with new app users by sending them a direct message that makes them want to use your sports coaching app and take part in the life of your community.
  4. Post updates related to the COVID protocol: it's not the most pleasant thing, but it will generate a feeling of security. People reading the message will realize that you're paying attention to the latest instructions.
  5. Reminder of available activities: whether it's virtual activities that users can take part in, or physical classes and sessions that they can attend in your club, don't forget to keep your audience informed.
  6. Updating class places: if you use the sport app to link up with your gym, you can inform your members of the places available for such a class or a private session with a coach by indicating the slots.
  7. Encourage and value your members: there's nothing like seeing your name on a notification! It's a great way to build a sense of community.
  8. Promotions and new products: share special offers to help your users earn a few euros, and showcase new products from your sports coaching application or club.
  9. Referral program: share a few explanations about the referral program and increase the participation of your most loyal members in it.

Today, to help you build your brand image, AZEOO offers a range of solutions to help you achieve your goal. Indeed, with its sports coaching software, AZEOO targets fitness and sports professionals to help them enhance the value of their business.

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