The importance of customer service in the fitness industry

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The importance of customer service in the fitness industry

Offer your customers tailor-made customer service!

Good customers can increase the value of your business, but great customers can make your business unique, and that's why members will become loyal to your brand.

In the world of fitness, consumer satisfaction is at the very heart of the process, since, more than ever, it's your customers who dictate your operations and your sales. That's why it's so important to keep your customers satisfied, and we'll explain everything you need to know in an article by AZEOO!

What is customer service?

When your structure operates on the basis of member subscriptions, your customer service is a huge factor in determining your success. It's about the support they receive, and the commitment you make to them when they sign up at your gym.

Customer service sets you apart from the competition

According to a Zendesk study, consumers (3 out of 4) say that good customer service is essential to brand loyalty . And according to Microsoft Dynamics 365, 90% of respondents consider customer service to be a key factor in decision-making.

From these figures, it's easy to understand that the public turns more quickly to brands with a reputation for quality customer service. That's why a strategy to improve customer service and customer management can set you apart from the competition.

4 trends currently influencing customer service

  1. Multi-channel communication: when your customers want to talk to you, they need to be able to use the communication channel they prefer. This could be Facebook, WhatsApp, email or even AZEOO. You need to offer them a unified experience across all communication channels.
  2. Hyper-personalization on a large scale: customers want their sports or nutrition program to be tailored to their needs and profile (you can find the YourDiet personalized program on the AZEOO coaching software to meet this expectation). Members like to be recognized as unique individuals, not as lambda consumers.
  3. Efficient, streamlined customer service: give your team the tools they need to meet your customers' high expectations.
  4. Technology: automation and chatbots play an important role in customer service. Artificial intelligences are evolving and adopting behaviors that are increasingly appropriate for exchanges with customers.

And here are 10 reasons why customer service is important

  1. Retention costs less than acquisition.
  2. Customer service represents your brand image.
  3. Good customer service = happy members.
  4. Increase sponsorship.
  5. Builds loyalty and trust.
  6. This allows you to offer a premium service.
  7. Improves the value of a member's "life cycle".
  8. Leads to sales and marketing opportunities.
  9. Responds to customer requests and expectations.
  10. Gives you a competitive edge.

So don't wait any longer and offer your members a customer service worthy of their names!

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