Your digitalized Sport & Wellness coaching ecosystem

Your application with all the features you need to build your brand, engage and retain your community

AZEOO counts more than 250,000 users in over 3,000 sports and wellness clubs

including several hundred companies around the world that trust us.


Manage, engage, and retain your customers more effectively and boost your revenues through upsells.


Build a loyal community around your brand, invest your time where it counts and develop monetizable content.    


Program WODs for your athletes according to their level, support them and build loyalty around monetizable services.


Increase your revenues and gain in productivity by accompanying each of your customers even more efficiently.


Get the Application you want. Engage your community, personalize and monetize all your content.


Support each of your employees in a healthy and active lifestyle thanks to a 100% wellness ecosystem.


Offer your guests a personalized wellness experience and monetize new additional services.

Deliver an engaging experience to your customers thanks to your own ecosystem !

The mobile application for your brand

Why create an app from scratch when you can have one already developed and customized for the sports, wellness and nutrition industry? 

For companies of all sizes, a personalized mobile application is a powerful tool to federate its community and stand out from the competition.

A service platform dedicated to your customers under your brand

Promote your brand to your customers by offering them a personalized application allowing them to:

Discover the testimonies of our clubs, our best ambassadors to talk about our solution

Katia, manager of the fitness club "Club Vert Decize"
Alexandre, manager of the fitness club "GonaGym"
Kévin, professional sports coach at "Fit Evolution"

Get your personalized quote

Our team will be happy to discuss with you to establish a quote that meets your company’s needs.

“Our success is only possible thanks to the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why, since the creation of AZEOO in 2015, we make it a point to offer you a qualitative and efficient solution that fully meets your needs.”

AZEOO team

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Notre équipe sera ravie d’échanger avec vous pour concevoir un devis correspondant aux besoins de votre entreprise.

“Notre succès est possible que grâce à la satisfaction de nos clients. C’est pourquoi, depuis la création d’AZEOO en 2015, nous mettons un point d’honneur à vous offrir une solution qualitative et efficiente correspondant pleinement à vos besoins.” 

L’équipe AZEOO


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