Corporate sports: a phenomenon of fashion or an employee need?

Le sport en entreprise : phénomène de mode ou besoin des salariés ?

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A simple observation is that the period during which an individual works is probably the longest part of its life. If we couple this with a busy life, adults have less and less time to practice a sport activity.

One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to offer sports at the workplace. If the employer arranges time slots for this purpose, it creates time for employees to take a break and use it to improve their body and mind.

So, is corporate sports a fashionable phenomenon or a need for employees?

Many business leaders believe that sport brings many benefits, but still too few of them decide to embark on this project. There are three main reasons for this:

▪ a lack of space in the work place,

▪ a lack of time in the planning of the day,

▪ a fear of seeing employee participation decrease and thus having a poor return on investment.

Several alternatives can be presented to solve these issues . For example, the employer can decide to delegate the sport axis to an external company that manages the sport in the company by offering adapted activities.

Sport is a factor of well-being, social cohesion and good health:

▪ Involvement in a common activity improves team collaboration and increases the integration of new employees.

▪ This helps to reinforce the sense of belonging to a social group.

▪ The hierarchy disappears the time of the sports activity, it allows a more human approach especially in a sometimes compartmentalized structure.

▪ Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is a daily mission for all citizens. This can have consequences on physical health. Sport fights against this.

▪ Playing sports improves physical health but also mental health. Combating musculoskeletal disorders is a recurring problem for jobs where certain positions can strain the skeleton.

As you will have understood, the benefits are numerous and solutions exist. So take the time to do some research in order to organize this in your structure if it is not already the case.


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