Our team

Founded by sports and new technology enthusiasts, the AZEOO startup has specialized in the development of an innovative digital platform dedicated to the world of Fitness (for the general public and professionals).

Today, AZEOO is a multidisciplinary team mastering 100% of the skills required to develop the products and services offered.


CEO & Founder

Passionate about sports from a very young age, he has developed a recognized expertise through more than 20 years of experience in computer science. His eternal motto “Never Give Up” pushes him to surpass himself more and more; sports well-being is now his way of life.


CTO & Founder

Specialist in web design and development on high-performance technical architectures. As a weight-lifting enthusiast for over 20 years and an avid CrossFit practitioner, AZEOO allows him to reconcile his two passions with enthusiasm.


VP Procurement, Sales & Marketing

Former top-level sportsman, he is now a specialist in the development of international business relations for fast-growing companies. For him, AZEOO represents a great opportunity to combine his passion for sport and his job.


Mobile expert & Co-founder

Expert in software development for more than 14 years, his motto is “there are no problems without solutions”. Practicing a martial art, this sport is an extension of the rigor he applies on a daily basis at AZEOO.