Who are the ideal clients for your gym?

Who are the ideal clients for your gym?

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When you start your gym, you’re happy to have new clients come in. However, over time, it becomes important to define what types of clients are best suited for your facility. You may want them to be cooperative in their work, stay longer, spend more, bring in more new members, etc.

At some point, you have to target your commercial strategy in order to favor a type of customer, and it’s up to you to define it.

In this article, we help you define the ideal clients for your gym.

The cheapest is not always the best

If you practice a lowest bid policy, you risk attracting customers who are looking for the lowest price. This may be fine for a while, but it will bring in a diverse range of customers and you will be forced to make sacrifices in the quality of your facilities.

Define your ideal customer base

Take a few minutes, but tell yourself that this is a very good exercise:

Go back a few years, months ago and think about which customers brought you the most profit. Think about the ones who brought you the most benefit, not just the ones who spent more (because you may have had to invest in them). Naturally, these are the types of customers you are looking for.

Also, think about all the fitness-related programs and promotions that have been done recently. Which ones have worked best? These will help you identify the good clients who have invested their money, time and energy in them.

What are the biggest trends in the fitness world right now? The market is constantly evolving and moving towards a type of practice seems like a good idea, but think about the target audience and the potential clients that it will bring in the long run. It would be silly to have to restructure your gym every year due to changing sports trends !

Orient your marketing

Once you have defined your ideal customer base, it is time to adjust your marketing strategy. Get together as a team if you need to and discuss it. Then look for ways to make your choices and your venue more attractive to this type of customer. The image you choose for your structure will certainly be the most important choice to guide this new commercial dynamic.

Good luck!

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