Using video marketing for your business

Using video marketing for your business

In the world of marketing, video remains a truly impactful element for your business. This method has proven itself over the past few years and we detail the advantages of creating video capsules.

1) Video improves conversion rate:

Consider this project as an investment. All the elements that make up your video must be thought through (the right emotions, the right idea, the tips, etc.). According to some studies, videos can increase the conversion rate by nearly 80% !

2) Video captures attention:

Where an image can be quickly reviewed, video holds the user’s attention longer. This will of course depend on the quality of the video, but it’s definitely something to consider.

3) Video is easier to consult than text:

If you spend your time sending emails to your members, chances are they won’t always read them… A video, on the other hand, will be more likely to intrigue them and they will be able to watch it without having to read a lengthy text instead.

4) Take advantage of SEO:

Search engines and online video platforms are designed to provide access to specific information. By carefully choosing the tags and title of a video, you could impact a wider audience.

5) Users give credit to your video:

This type of media is incredibly important to consumers who tend to absorb information while not always questioning it. The goal is not to mislead potential customers but to take advantage of the trust aspect of the video format.

6) Videos are easy to share

Someone has seen your video and wants to send it to a friend? Nothing could be easier… This is an undeniable advantage in our technological age. If the video is shared, then you will have more chance to increase your customer base!

All these arguments may have convinced you to start this practice. Of course, some equipment and a minimum of knowledge in assembly are necessary, but the investment will certainly make a winning return.

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