Using the benefits of sport within a company? It is possible!

Using the benefits of sport within a company? It is possible !

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The benefits of sport within a company are no longer in question. However, still few of them take the step to allow their employees to benefit from the advantages of a sport practice.

In order to improve their health, well-being and motivation, sport can represent an added value within a company. In team sports, it also allows to create more team spirit and to facilitate the integration in the structure as well as the feeling of belonging.

This dimension of collective movement is very important in the development of a structure such as a company. However, certain points can slow down the enthusiasm of employees for internal activities: the proposed activities do not correspond to their desires, they are too far from the workplace, for some it is a private matter, the equipment provided is insufficient, etc. All of these elements must be taken into account.

To help you, we propose 7 ways of thinking in order to integrate, progressively, the sport within your structure:

  1. Build projects with your employees : although the desire may come from the management, the construction of the project and its modalities must also come from the team and the employees. Thus, the frequency of activities, their types, the collective or individual aspect, etc. should be discussed together.

2. Define ambassadors : by selecting the most motivated people as ambassadors, you can potentially unite your team. They will then be the relay of the various information concerning the sports activities within the company.

3. Motivate through objectives and challenges : to create motivation, there is nothing like a few challenges or objectives to be reached by a specific date. This will motivate all the employees and will place them in a collective achievement movement. We can also imagine charity actions integrating sports…

4. Work with digital technology : the use of an application external to the company can promote communication around the sport but also create challenges and make the practice more fun.

5. Encourage all types of physical activity : sport can also be integrated through the use of a bicycle or walking to get to the workplace. But also in the offices via the use of posture techniques on the chair (yoga type) or the use of systems allowing to avoid sedentary and sitting for hours.

6. Pooling infrastructure : it is not necessary to have a state-of-the-art gym. Some partnerships can be envisaged with town halls, sports clubs or gyms. This also allows for the availability of various amenities (showers, equipment, etc.).

7. Use major sporting events : to create motivation and excitement, use major sporting events as levers to encourage the practice of sport in your company.

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