Effective communication for your company

Find all our best tips for setting up effective communication within your gym

In view of the current situation and the one we have seen recently, clear and unambiguous communication is essential in all circumstances.

A few adjustments to your communication strategy can help you to develop several aspects of your community, customer loyalty or increase the commitment of your staff. Therefore, we’re giving you all our advice today in an article by AZEOO.

Here are our various tips:

  • Active listening is probably the basis of good communication. You will need to foster empathy, openness and constructive criticism of your staff.
  • Express and gain trust: accepting the views of others and learning to communicate your own in a respectful way will help you to develop confidence in yourself, but also in others.
  • Be transparent: be clear and precise about your objectives when expressing them to your team. In addition, give your opinion, in a constructive manner, to allow for various internal adjustments.
  • Increase the commitment of your staff: through increased confidence and clarity of purpose, your team members will feel more committed to their work as they will have clear goals. This in turn will increase their desire for improvement and communication.
  • Don’t take the weight of words lightly: the manner and intent of your exchanges and communications will greatly influence the image of your team and of all stakeholders outside your company.
  • In order to determine the right tone to adopt, it is necessary to take into account the audience you will be addressing. You will then need to adapt to the metadata that will allow you to establish the typical profile of your clientele or target audience. You will also need to integrate your company values into this process and not give yourself away.
  • Keep your message short and punchy: make good use of the famous KISS principle, which stands for ‘Keep it short and simple’. This simply means getting straight to the point without too much fuss in your communication principles. In short: be short and to the point (both internally and externally).
  • Choose the right communication tool: study your strategy and focus on one particular communication channel (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). It may also be the one you are comfortable with or prefer.
  • What about the pandemic? We are not immune to a pandemic outbreak and keep all these principles in mind if your communication strategy needs to be readapted. It is this ability to change and adapt that will allow you to make the right choices and stay in touch with your community in all circumstances.

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