The stakes of sport in companies

The stakes of sport in companies

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In 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that employers should ensure the good health of their employees. This can be achieved through regular physical activity. Since then, more and more companies are embarking on this adventure to promote sport in their structure.

In this article, discover in more details the stakes of sport in companies.

What are the interests?

The advantages are multiple: reduction of absenteeism (by improving well-being), musculoskeletal disorders, stress, … This allows, among other things, to avoid a sedentary lifestyle that produces multiple harmful effects on health (such as reduced life expectancy).

Combining these potential health issues with the fact that working careers are getting longer can create real long-term concerns for both the employee and the employer. In addition, providing the opportunity to exercise in the workplace allows everyone to have the opportunity to do so, something that is not always easy to do in the family and private life.

What is at stake for the employer?

If, on the one hand, the employee is well in body and mind, this will inevitably benefit the employer: improved motivation, efficiency, social relations and productivity. This dynamic must be collective and why not combine it with campaigns for a healthier diet in order to link these two good practices for health?

Corporate sport can take many forms. It can be internal team events (volleyball, soccer, ping-pong, etc.) or access to facilities within the company or right next to it. It can also include sports coaches, group classes or even the registration of part or all of the team to sports and/or charity events.

By creating a positive movement within your company, the potential benefits are not insignificant. Think about it and try to give importance to sport in your company so that you can benefit from it!

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