The 3 steps to digitalize your company at best

Les 3 paliers pour digitaliser son entreprise au mieux

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Using digital technology seems to be a must.

We propose you to identify the different steps to digitalize your company at best.

1. Structuring the offer

It’s important to differentiate B2C (members, fans, supporters and spectators) and B2B (private and public partners) offers. Each type of customer must be defined to know in which direction to go.

Although B2C offers in the sports sector have always been favored, we observe that the B2B offer is increasing over the last few years. The customer profiles are very diverse and most of the sports structures have taken this into account in order to differentiate their range of offers.

For example, digitizing inventory management and payment methods is a first step toward making it easier to manage all of these offerings. Clubs that don’t have one quickly find themselves in a bind and lose a lot of time managing all this information.

2. Develop sales and improve the customer experience

Once the offer is structured and optimized, it’s time to focus on the customer, whether they are already in your company or not.

All the elements that define your identity and the choices related to the organization of your structure will allow the customers to identify your brand. The animations, the options offered and any other element you choose will have an impact on them.

In order to offer this range of products or services, you can naturally think about digitalization. This can very well reside in a reservation of group classes or space (or equipment) rental, but also give access to services via the Internet.

Similarly, for B2B offers, you can propose a panel of elements that external partners will be able to consult in order to accelerate the proposed offer.

On the other hand, buying and booking online will allow you to save time and money by avoiding customers’ trips to your company and the mobilization of an employee for this task.

3. Use of the data

Another interesting idea is to centralize the collected data in order to be able to exploit them at best. What could be simpler, at the moment, than to centralize them in a computerized way? You can then use them to launch advertising and merchandising campaigns on Google and Facebook, for example. This will have the effect of making your name shine to a wider public and thus bring in new customers!

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