Sport in the compagnies : investigation and revelations

Sport in the compagnies : investigation and revelations

It’s a recurring topic, but the benefits of sport in the workplace no longer need to be proven. It brings many benefits to both employees and managers by improving health, quality of life and productivity. However, few organizations have decided to take the plunge and it is in a Gymlib survey carried out by Opionway among 1012 French employees that we can identify some key points concerning the expectations of employees with regard to company offers.

Discover below the latest figures concerning sport in companies!

According to them, several points need to be reviewed because they feel that the company does not invest much in sports :

▪ no interest in sports or sports practices according to 59% of survey participants

▪ the company invests in sporting events but does not advocate playing sports (28% think so).

▪ they feel encouraged to play sports or engage in physical activity because of their company according to 12% of employees surveyed.

However, sport is an integral part of some people’s lives as these numbers prove:

▪ 67% talk about it with their colleagues

▪ 28% watch sports with their colleague(s)

▪ 27% play sports with other employees

According to this survey, 59% of the people do not feel satisfied with the sports offer proposed by the company. Moreover, 26% feel they are not satisfied at all!

There are many benefits to practicing sports. We improve our life expectancy and our health capital through regular practice.

Naturally, for companies, the advantage is quite different and aims more specifically at improving work performance :

▪ a positively stimulated brain generates 31% more performance

▪ improved employee health and thus a 6-9% decrease in related costs

▪ 30 to 40% less absenteeism

▪ turnover less than 25% of the national average

▪ improved team atmosphere and cohesion

This also has an impact on the motivation perceived and felt by the employees:

▪ according to 57% of employees who do not benefit from company sports, their colleagues are motivated

▪ and in a company with a sports offer, 66% feel that their colleagues are motivated

The image of the company can also be improved since the qualifiers come out more easily:

▪ open-minded (84%)

▪ caring (82%)

▪ challenging (80% of respondents)

Finally, the offer of sports in companies would allow better retention of young talent within the company to the extent of :

▪ 67% of 18-29 year olds

▪ 62% of 30-39 year olds

All in all, this is an added value that companies should offer in order to benefit from all these advantages!

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