Let's make our solutions connectable

Let’s offer an even more complete and efficient service to our respective customers.

In order to offer an ever more complete experience, AZEOO interconnects!

The integration between AZEOO and various digital solutions allows us to meet the specific demands of the sport and wellness market and to offer a 100% complete solution. 

For you, it is the opportunity to combine your offer with our coaching solution in order to satisfy the needs of your concerned clients. 

For example, we connect our solution to customer management software, billing software, course planning software, etc. 

Join our partner program AZEOO

The objective is twofold: to build customer loyalty and to acquire new customers by providing complementary services.


Increase your revenues by allowing your customers to integrate AZEOO, and for us, allow our customers to integrate your services. 


Our attractive commission system is valid on every sale made.

Grow with us

Be part of a virtuous ecosystem around sport, well-being and nutrition!

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