What do people want in a gym?

Que veulent les gens dans une salle de sport ?

What do customers really want when they go to the gym?

The fitness world has been adapting since the beginning of the pandemic and will continue to do so in the near and distant future. As such, you will probably have to change your practices and habits to keep up with these trends.

In order to be able to do this, you may be wondering what customers want now and we will try to shed some light on this in a comprehensive article by AZEOO.

A positive experience

What consumers are looking for is a positive experience that leaves a mark. Most will be willing to pay a price if they know the experience will be positive and of high quality. Some customers may be satisfied with an average or even mediocre experience. So the question is: what is most important to you?

Regardless of your personal values, it is worth noting that customers do not always complain when they have experienced a disappointing activity. According to a Zendesk study, 75% of people who had a pleasant experience would like to repeat it, and 56% would recommend it to their friends and family. Conversely, only 1 in 26 customers would complain.

This means that, yes, you could be satisfied with the little, but your engagement rate would be much lower. So you need to focus on the experience your customers will have in your facility.

Why is such an experience crucial?

In some cases, gyms offer their members the best of everything. However, they do not seek to create a sense of closeness with them. As a result, when they made the transition from COVID, they did not feel that sense of belonging that bound them together in good times and bad. They turned to digital market leaders for a remote fitness experience. Based on this observation, we can say that 3 key elements are necessary to create this feeling of community:

  1. Comfort

Even if the comfort of the customers has never been a neglected element in gyms, the current mentalities are changing. Certain companies have influenced our daily lives and have changed the way we live, move and consume.

This trend is changing, but it is not radically different. Let’s just look at the huge rise of companies like Uber (and UberEats), Deliveroo, Hellofresh, etc. This is a good reflection of our changing consumption patterns.

  1. A community

As we mentioned, people need to feel part of a community and the pandemic has further increased this desire through distancing.

  1. Personalisation

Customers are now willing to trade their information for a personalised experience, even paying more. They want to feel unique and treated as special individuals. This way you can create an exceptional experience and their loyalty will grow with it.

By taking all these elements into account, our AZEOO team hopes to have been able to enlighten you. If you wish to continue to develop your business even further, discover the different offers for our all-in-one coaching software.

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