Last update: October 2020

Article 1

Your friend’s activity must be identical to yours in order to benefit from the offer:

  • If you are a Crossfit Fitness Club/Box Crossfit, you can only sponsor another Crossfit Fitness Club/Box Crossfit.
  • If you are an independent coach you can only sponsor one other independent coach.
  • If you are a sports association you can only sponsor one other sports association.
Article 2

You will receive your 50% discount for 3 months, as soon as your referred friend becomes an AZEOO client and starts paying for his or her subscription.

Article 3

If your sponsored person cancels his contract prematurely, your discount will be cancelled.

Article 4

Si vous parrainez plusieurs personnes, la période de réduction sera d’autant prolongée.

Article 5

Your sponsor is entitled to a 100% discount on his or her first month’s subscription to AZEOO.

Article 6

You are not allowed to sponsor your company or a company in which you have invested.

This program applies to individual institutions only. If you have multiple locations, the discount will only apply to one site and one AZEOO account.

Article 7

There is no limit to the number of friends you can sponsor.

Article 8

Only persons sponsored via the form, accessible from our website, are considered valid applications.