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We help you to build your identity and develop your visibility.

Our team and our partners are familiar with the sports and wellness sector, and that’s what makes all the difference.

Develop a dynamic brand strategy

Let's define your needs together - thanks to a strategic audit

30 to 45 minutes to know you better

We take into account the information related to your activity, your objectives, your resources, your skills.

Let our expertise work

We analyze this information to determine the right strategy for your business.

Discover our recommendations to set up

We then send you a concrete deliverable with all the key elements to work on/improve in order to reach your objectives.

Let's set up your strategy together

You want to go further than the strategic audit?

Our Success Customer team can help you implement your action plan!

Ask us to act and execute your strategy: train yourself or delegate each step to us.


Our services

Thanks to our partners specialized in marketing and digital, be fully supported at all levels.

Structure of your brand strategy

The success of your company requires a clear structure at the very beginning of your project.

Creation or framing of your marketing strategy

Together, we define your project for an efficient deployment: values, vision, differentiation, marketing strategy, development projects, etc.

Creation or framing of your brand identity

We create an identity territory specific to your brand in order to harmonize all your content and allow you to be identified by your prospects and customers: creation/redesign of your logo, definition of a palette of colors and backgrounds, typographic choices, creation of pictograms and specific icons, creative recommendations for the editorial and wording choices, etc.

Creation of your website

Be visible on the internet and boost your sales.

Creation of a showcase site

Your site is your 24/7 salesperson. We develop a site that looks like you and generates leads and results.


Creation an e-commerce website

You want to sell products online? Thanks to Shopify (leader in e-commerce), we deploy your powerful online store that generates additional income.

Redesign of existing site

Your website isn't efficient enough and needs to be updated? Do you need to improve the ranking of your pages and better convert your visitors? We can redesign your site for better results!

Management of your advertising campaigns

We create 100% optimized campaigns to reach your prospects!

Advertising strategy

What resources should be allocated and for what results? Which channels and which audience? We analyze your issues and define the right strategy.

Campaign creation

We manage all your advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin) in order to effectively reach your targets.

Tracking & analytics

We track the results of your campaigns to ensure their effectiveness and best ROI.

Management of your social networks

Be present on the networks where your target is ! We optimize your content to federate and expand your community.

Animation & community development

We determine the most relevant social networks to develop your community: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, etc.


Content creation

We create and plan content adapted to your objectives.


Tracking & analytics

We track the results of your publications to ensure their effectiveness and best ROI.

Management of your emailing campaigns

The secret of an effective email? It’s about sending the right email, to the right person, at the right time. That’s our area of expertise.



We develop effective newsletters to animate your contact base, convert your prospects into customers or retain your existing customers.

Email Automation

We implement automation techniques, sales tunnel, to segment your prospects, qualify them and reactivate them.


Tracking & analytics

We closely monitor your statistics and key indicators (opening rate, derivability, click rate).

Management of your content

Quality content is the key to achieving your visibility and sales goals! It’s our job, let us guide you.

Article writing

Targeted and well-researched content allows you to maximize your SEO performance. We write targeted blog posts for you with efficient key expressions.

Landing page writing

We set up landing pages that allow you to convert your leads efficiently.

Writing of catalog pages

Putting forward your products and services is our mission. We write all your catalog pages taking care of optimizing them.

Management of your webinars

Webinars are a great way to activate your partners through common interventions, and to generate leads through quality topics.

Content definition

We define together relevant and attractive topics, create the content and define the speakers according to your objectives (prospecting, conversion, loyalty).

Configuration of the platform

We fully set up your webinar on an efficient platform (speakers, chat, survey, post-live, etc.).

Setting the scene before D-Day

Before the webinar, we conduct a technical test together, so that you' re 100% ready for the D-day.

Pre and post communication

We define your communication strategy before the webinar to generate a maximum of registrations.

Once the webinar is over, we rework the replay of the webinar (in post-production) so that you can capitalize 100% on the content afterwards.

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“Our success is only possible thanks to the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why, since the creation of AZEOO in 2015, we make it a point to offer you a qualitative and efficient solution that fully meets your needs.”

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