Word of mouth for your business

Word of mouth for your business

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As a manager or boss, you might tend to prioritize the advertising axis concerning your company, your gym or your store. However, you should not forget that there is an even more effective element which is “word of mouth”.

Indeed, it is clear that, in most cases, a positive recommendation (from a client to a friend or family member) positively influences the choice. Thus, this same individual will prefer to base his decision on the opinion of a person close to him rather than on advertising.

This may be due to the fact that the population has less and less confidence in this advertising and prefers to get a direct opinion.

We suggest 4 courses of action to increase your word of mouth.

1. Satisfaction above all

A satisfied customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer is a customer who will have a positive view of your service. They will be able to make better recommendations in surveys, to their friends or on the Internet.

It is even more difficult to maintain this satisfaction if you do not deign to consider your customers as individuals but just as contracts or subscriptions. You should therefore offer them continuous support to treat them properly.

Of course, this may have a financial impact in the short term. But in the long term, this impact will be reduced and may even turn into a profit.

2. Think about sponsorship systems

Although known to most people running a gym, referral systems have proven themselves time and time again.

Offering rewards to members who bring in new customers can be a kind of carrot at the end of the stick. This can be discounts, free months of membership, specific statuses, etc.

But remember two things: referrers should not be mere pushers and consider them as best you can. And when new customers come in using this method, remember to keep them as loyal as possible.

3. Use social networks

Whether you are reluctant or not, it is clear that it is an added value in your company today. Social networks offer opportunities for regular contact with customers or interested parties.

You will then be able to impact the audience, respond to comments (negative or not) and explain your choices or methods and stimulate conversation or participation from anyone.

4. Communicate in all circumstances

If you are experiencing problems, contact your customers. If you’re in trouble, contact them too.

This method shows that your company is human and that it can also suffer from life’s difficulties. It also creates a climate of solidarity and trust.


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