Nutritional support, a real added value for your club

L’accompagnement nutritionnel, une vraie valeur ajoutée pour votre club

Nutritional support, a real plus for your customers!

One of the major trends today is that clients increasingly want their sports and diet follow-up to be as personalised as possible. In this dynamic, nutritional support is an excellent tool for improving the retention, loyalty and commitment of members and prospects. Aware of this challenge, the AZEOO fitness software now offers the YourDiet functionality to meet the nutritional needs of customers!

YourDiet, AZEOO's personalised nutritional support

AZEOO users are free to subscribe to this service, but you, as an entrepreneur and gym manager, can benefit from an advantageous rate of €99.99 ex VAT/month, for up to 50 clients. These clients will then be able to benefit from a follow-up in the sports coaching application (to which you will also have access) and a personalisation of this thanks to a questionnaire analysed by nutrition professionals (qualified dieticians). They will then receive a personalised programme and a monitoring tool, so all they have to do is let themselves be guided.

The evolving nutrition market

With the pandemic, many people have questioned their lifestyles and turned to fitness and physical and mental wellbeing. It is therefore a sector that continues to develop and offers great prospects for your business.

Offer a range of products in your gym

One of the things that often puts customers off is that they have to spend time looking for products that meet their needs in relation to their nutritional programme.

To meet this expectation, you can very well partner with a brand to offer diet products in your venue. Of course, this does not mean opening a fruit and vegetable stall, but rather offering a quick and easy solution to requests.

Not having to choose between sport and nutrition

If you have the opportunity, try to combine their sports subscription with the nutrition subscription. The price difference should not be huge and, again, YourDiet is a good choice because of its low price.

There is nothing to stop you from hiring a coach or training one if you feel the need to support your clients in the nutritional area. So don’t hesitate and get started with the AZEOO coaching software!

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