Ventilation, an essential point in a gym

Ventilation, an essential point in a gym

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Whether it is for the prevention of COVID-19 or simply for the good health of your members, an efficient and adapted ventilation is always a good thing in your gym.

This includes not only the development of facilities but also the implementation of outdoor and online practices.

Together, let’s see why it’s important to properly ventilate your gym.

Since the onset of the coronavirus, there has been no shortage of information about ventilation, some of it contradictory.

Tom Koenderman, founder of Cloud Garden and who has conducted several studies on the subject, explains how the particles work: “To make it very practical, everyone blew on a mirror at some point. And then you see a big mist forming on a mirror: at the base are particles”.

So, the droplets from our breathing remain in the air as water vapor and can travel to other people risking to contaminate them or simply adding more CO2 (and decreasing the amount of oxygen).

How to proceed to improve ventilation?

Opening a window or a door may sometimes seem acceptable, but it is often not enough. This is also conditioned by the weather…

▪ Then encourage ventilation throughout the building via opening all windows and doors at several times during the day and for only a few minutes to renew the air.

▪ Smartly place or avoid equipment that moves airflow toward other users (like the rowing machine, for example).

▪ Possibly consider placing the machines at a distance (1.5 meters) if possible.

▪ Invest, if you can, in an electric ventilation system in your room. This will allow the extraction of air easily. You can think, for example, of air conditioners (but be careful that they have a good filter). However, beware of the heated outside air which can be dry and irritate the respiratory tracts of customers and staff.

Indoor or outdoor, bet on the right horse:

Security measures, in general, only work if everyone complies with them. The same applies to measures against the coronavirus. This requires good management of the infrastructure and rules that are put in place with a certain consistency.

Air purifiers can also act as a cost-saver for your business by removing particles from the air.

If you have the opportunity, outdoor and online classes can be arranged to avoid closed environments. Think about it.

Let’s not forget that a large proportion of people admitted to hospital because of COVID are overweight, so this indicates that sport must represent a non-negligible solution for the population.


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