The strategy to increase your members’ loyalty

Discover how to increase your members' loyalty in several ways

What would you say if I told you that a club can lose over €10,000 a month without a hitch? That’s what can happen in a club with 1000 members that offers subscriptions at €30 per month and loses 35% of its clientele every month. These figures seem exaggerated, but they are nevertheless in the average range that we can see in reality!

It is true that 100% customer loyalty is not possible, but a few specific points can simply improve it. It is therefore time to react and we explain everything in this article by AZEOO.

1. Define your objectives explicitly

Some may think that the influx of new members will be able to compensate for the losses during the different months of the year. This is a mistake because the quality of the service offered will be increasingly altered by the constant flow of new members that must be welcomed. This could, in the long run, put a strain on your club’s staff and lead to premature departures of members, as those who have been there longer may feel left behind. So think about your priorities and retention goals.

2. Check the contact points

A member who comes more frequently will inevitably be more inclined to doubt the interest of a subscription in your club. Thus, encourage contact, reminders via your coaching sport application if you have one, as well as by e-mail. In this way, the person will feel more concerned about their activity in your gym.

3. Work on the community dimension

If the people who come to your gym end up not coming because they don’t have enough time, it’s usually because they don’t want to spend time in your club. Therefore, it is up to you to adapt by creating a dimension of social inclusion around the members that will make them feel in a special and pleasant environment. They can then identify with a community and feel part of it. This can work equally well on applications that have a social networking component.

4. There is no quick fix

Each customer is different and comes with a different purpose. Adapt and put all the chances on your side by offering more than just a gym made for practising sport: think about music, the social dimension, places conducive to exchanges between members or even between members and staff, have tools allowing the personalisation of offers and training programmes, etc. In short, you will have to analyse the elements to be improved in your gym in order to identify what would make your members want to stay there in the long term.

In short, you will have to analyse the elements that need to be improved in your gym in order to identify what might make your members want to stay there in the long term. Aware of this challenge, AZEOO now offers a personalised coaching software that aims to help fitness professionals to build loyalty among their members.

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