Increase member engagement through better tracking

Increase member engagement through better tracking

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With the idea of increasing your customers’ engagement, setting up a loyalty program is one of the best ways to achieve this. You will be able to keep them coming back by motivating them and offering them a follow-up of their progress.

Here are 4 tips to increase member engagement through better tracking.

Customize the member experience

A member who feels they are valued will be more likely to increase their loyalty. This is made possible by personalizing your members’ experience. With the right digital solution (like AZEOO for example), you will be able to have their information and data at your disposal so that they can follow up on their skills and evolution in a personalized way.

Set achievable goals

It is essential to propose objectives that are within the reach of your clients. The adverse effect of failure will be a loss of motivation and growing frustration.

That’s why the goals you set for them must be achievable to be motivating and increase their commitment. This way you can break them down into parts and possibly, if you have them, post them in your App. Encourage them at each step towards success.

Reward their achievements

Rewarding members who achieve good results is also a way to increase their commitment. This can be through awards, praise or titles. The recognition they receive will increase their self-esteem. Performance tracking then comes into play in the sense that you can compile them in order to reward the best performers.

Set up challenges

What could be more motivating than completing challenges within a sports community? Community challenges are therefore a good way to use the data related to everyone’s skills to compare them. This is of course easier to do with an app, but whether it’s inside your gym or outside, anything is possible.

In conclusion, performance tracking can be used in a number of ways to be useful for both you and your customers. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!

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