How to monetize your fitness blog?

How to monetize your fitness blog?

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You have your blog, your social media are active and your coaching business is at the top. That’s great, but maybe a little financial acceleration wouldn’t hurt.

Monetizing your fitness blog can be an interesting way to develop a second income in your business.

There are, broadly speaking, three ways to proceed:

1.Implement affiliate links to earn commission

Many bloggers use affiliate links to monetize their content. Probably the most famous program is Amazon Associates. This allows bloggers and writers to add links to products in their content. When products are purchased through these links, bloggers earn a small commission.

There is nothing to stop you from informing your customers about the purpose of these links within your site. This passive income will be welcome and you can also target specific affiliate programs for sports brands.

2.Create sponsored posts on behalf of brands

As soon as your blog generates enough views, you can present products and content in partnership with a brand. A bit like Instagram, you can then integrate sponsored elements in your articles.

However, be careful not to fall into the trap of placing products all over the place. Your audience is not fooled and if you do not keep your editorial line, they will probably decide to go elsewhere. In no case should your articles become permanent advertisements.

Don’t forget to be honest with your community by specifying that this sponsorship allows you to finance the blog for example.

3.Submit articles to other publishing services and blogs

Prepare your communication strategy and present yourself to the communication manager. You can then detail your project and what you intend to achieve. From this moment, you will be able to bind a partnership and your name will shine from a new site, blog, …

Your ambitions will then direct your choices: do you want to write an article for the blog of another coach or fitness professional? Are you aiming for a sports website? Or rather a paper magazine?

Don’t forget that this process can be compared to a job interview: present your project, your line of action, your objectives, but above all what you can bring to this structure by writing them an article.

Finally, 5 tips to monetize your blog in another way:

▪ Use the features of Google AdSense,

▪ Create an online course or training session that you can sell,

▪ Create a subscription service for your blog at a democratic price and monthly profitability,

▪ Offer readers a link to pay for additional content,

▪ Share your workouts via your blog.

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