Corporate wellness solutions

Support your collaborators in an active and healthy lifestyle

The benefits of a corporate wellness strategy

Thanks to innovative concepts and various formats, we accompany you in the implementation of a sport and wellness strategy within your company, and the benefits are numerous:

Increase the performance of your collaborators.

32% less sick leave, 25% less fluctuation, and 9% more productivity

Be involved in the corporate wellness of your employees

Your corporate wellness app, dedicated to the well-being of your employees.

Offer them access to sports and diet coaching, challenges and a motivating and impactful community.

The workouts are diversified (cardio, circuit-training, VOD classes, etc.), adapted to all levels and the personalized follow-up allows everyone to admire their progress.

How about preparing your collaborators for Paris 2024 within your company?

Your fitness corner even with little space

In addition to an application for your company, we accompany you in the implementation of fitness zones adapted to your spaces.

Ingenious arrangements can allow you to use areas that you have no or limited use for and make them available to your collaborators for sports and wellness activities. 

An example with our partner Infinyfit, which offers a Roman chair that can be transported and folded in a few seconds.  

Our expertise at your service


Audit and implementation with you of the optimal strategy to adopt


Our experts are at your disposal and accompany you at any time.


Additional services for a solution that grows with you

Get your personalized quote

Our team will be happy to discuss with you to establish a quote that meets your company’s needs.

“Our success is only possible thanks to the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why, since the creation of AZEOO in 2015, we make it a point to offer you a qualitative and efficient solution that fully meets your needs.”

AZEOO team


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