Growing your business through the mobile marketing opportunity

Développer son activité grâce à l’opportunité qu’est le marketing mobile

All you need to know about mobile marketing and its benefits

The mobile marketing industry continues to grow. Now may be the time for you to take the plunge and reap the significant benefits. Let’s see how this type of marketing can help you grow your business in an article by AZEOO.

What is mobile marketing?

It is a campaign that uses mobile phones as receivers.

The democratisation of smartphones has probably boosted the market for about ten years now. Previously, campaigns were mainly based on sending SMS messages to customers. But now you can reach consumers in a much more direct way.

The act of receiving a notification allows you to enter directly into the intimacy and daily life of your target through the display of push notifications.

Quels en sont les avantages ?

Nothing could be simpler than creating a campaign: a database of clients with their phone numbers or profiles on your coaching application, and that’s it! Whether it’s SMS, email or push notifications, the open rate is quite high.

SMS is not very expensive, but notifications and emails are even cheaper, so there is little risk of wasting an investment in a marketing campaign.

Why do such marketing?

With the database you have built up, you can then easily personalise the messages by creating classes or groups. This way, you can offer services or products according to the target group (young, old, men, women and more).

Geolocation can also add value to attract close members to your club and avoid inviting those who are too far away (which would not make sense), but rather offer them virtual classes, for example.

Ways to do mobile marketing

Responsive design: this is simply the ability of your website (if you have one) to be displayed on all your customers’ devices. If they can’t see it, they will be unhappy and look elsewhere. This also applies to advertising mails that redirect readers to your site, which must be compatible with all screens.

SMS marketing: here, consumers have given their consent for you to send them SMS. You will need to give them the option (as with emails) to unsubscribe from your services. This campaign reaches your customer directly and you should avoid drowning them in SMS, as it is an invasive system.

Sports apps: Ads can be placed in the app itself or via push notifications. However, the integrated solution is sometimes considered intrusive by some people.

Geolocation: a great tool that requires user consent on the coaching app, it allows you to target groups based on their geographical area. Also remember to activate your geolocation on Google My Business in order to be listed on Google Maps.

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