Develop sports activities inside and outside the company

A few tips to develop sports activity in the company ... and outside

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We know that practicing sports is good for the body and the mind. Within the company, it also brings benefits. But it becomes a challenge to encourage your employees to practice sports around working hours. How can you do this?

Be the company that everyone wants to join with our tips for developing sports activity within your company.

  1. By making sports equipment available to employees:

A shower, an improvised locker room and an empty room can become a place to practice sports in the company. You should not always try to make things more complex, but rather take advantage of what is available to you.

2. By offering sports activities within the company:

You can, for example, invite sports coaches or sports activity leaders to your structure. This allows you to create a voluntary base of employees who might be interested in practicing sports. As for the choices, you can take the temperature within the team or rely on the major trends of the moment (yoga, running, ping-pong, pilates, soccer, …).

3. By calling on specialists in corporate sports:

If your premises do not allow you to set up a company sports program, you can always call on a professional in the sector so that he or she can offer you turnkey solutions. Premises can then be granted to you, but also an organizational planning, a panel of sports activities, the organization of competitions and challenges in the company.

4. By contributing to the financing of your employees’ sports activities:

Through the works council or the social and economic committee, it is possible to release a budget in order to participate in the costs of registration in clubs and sports activities of the employees but also to realize a partnership with a sign in order to offer vouchers.

But how do you motivate the most reluctant? This is always a challenge as some people get demotivated towards sports, so you can propose reward systems within the company for sports commitment (not only performance). The inspiration that a top athlete can provide could also impact the most hostile public towards sports activities, so consider inviting an athlete to your company so that he or she can share his or her experience with your employees.

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