Corporate sport is an added value

Le parcours client : un moyen de réussite

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A very simple observation is that both employees and managers are in favour of sport during working hours. The benefits of sport during working hours are well known (stress reduction, improvement of well-being and health, collective dimension, etc.) but still few companies offer it (about 1 in 4).

All the company managers agree that they do not regret the integration of this type of practice within their structure. They would even recommend it to other managers.

Thanks to these numerous advantages, corporate sport is an added value.

In a society where the health aspect predominates, sport in companies is likely to become more and more important in the next few years. It is in this sense that it is advisable for managers to take the plunge and embark on this adventure : companies will gain in productivity and employees in quality of life.

A survey (“State of the art, brakes and levers to the development of the practice of sport in companies. Employee-Manager mirror study”) shows several interesting points regarding this major trend:

▪ 14% of CEOs announce that they offer sports activities within their company. The larger the structure, the higher the percentages within the average. They highlight the positive impact such as improving team spirit, facilitating the integration of new employees, etc.

▪ People practicing sports within their company are 94% satisfied. The reasons for satisfaction are diverse but remain centered on the feeling of being physically healthy, improving the atmosphere and having a physical escape from work stress.

▪ Of the leaders who do not offer corporate sports, 75% say it is not in the plans. Some reasons are quite prohibitive such as the fact that the company should not take this role. But also that the lack of infrastructure does not allow it. We can then think about relaxation and alternative methods within the company (yoga, meditation, …).

▪ Despite this, a part of the staff does not want to use the proposed sports service (15%). They mention severals reasons: the sports proposed do not correspond to their wishes (36%) ; the company interferes with the private sphere.

However, don’t forget that the “healthy” dimension of corporate sport is often not enough to convince employees to participate. Therefore, the process of building the project must be enhanced by offering them to contribute. This can be through proposals, highlighting of people, objectives and challenges or even votes to nominate representatives.

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