How to sell subscriptions for your venue over the phone?

Comment vendre des abonnements pour votre salle au téléphone

Sell your subscriptions quickly by simply using your phone!

The strategy for selling subscriptions over the phone is quite complex (whether it is you calling or the customer calling you). Besides, don’t you sometimes get annoyed by canvassers who offer you x amount of savings on your bills? Here are a few tips on how to perform better in a detailed article by AZEOO!

Prepare the right configuration

Approach your call as if it were a face-to-face conversation. The best way to do this is to call from a standing desk, use positive non-verbal language (which you should know is in your voice), use headphones or a headset, and have a sales script in front of you.

You may also want to optimise your performance with software such as Zendesk Sell. This allows you to automate tasks, manage phone numbers, sales volumes and so on. This could increase your call rate by 25%.

Prepare for the sale

Set a daily target for calls. Consider rehearsing your sales script with another member of staff and prepare your environment (coaching software, hardware, etc).

Do not worry about your performance at first. Instead, determine the window of opportunity where customers pick up the phone quickly, are available for a dialogue and are more likely to make a purchase. Allow yourself a minimum amount of time per call (say 5 minutes) so that you don’t botch it.

Instaurer le dialogue

An easy way to start the conversation is to ask your customers on the phone “What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months? This will give you an initial impression of the potential customer”. If he or she answers “I would like to be less tired” or “I would like to get back into shape”, it’s up to you! Aware of this issue, AZEOO now offers a personalised coaching software to help independent coaches and gyms respond more easily to their clients’ needs.

Keep in mind that people can be shy about their goals, but more importantly they are often resistant to the idea of stepping out of their comfort zone.

Every failure in your calls should be seen as a form of learning and you should ask yourself why the person did not buy into your concept. If it is a factor in your field of action, act on it, otherwise move on.

Their motivation

Ask about your client’s motivation to find out why they are interested in sport. The question “Why?” does not have to be direct, but it is necessary.

Save them

You have to make them understand that you have the solution to one of their problems. Don’t be shy or overconfident, present the elements clearly and explicitly.

Why your studio?

If it is the client who calls you, find out why they have turned to you. This will help you to determine their level of motivation and make it easier to offer them your studio services!

Set a date and conclude

Naturally, the conversation should end with an appointment and a direct invitation to visit your fitness club.

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